Astral Projection and Spirit Training

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A reader — Mike E. — asked me about astral projection and receiving training from spirits. I thought this might help other readers.

How can you use direct magic to project yourself into the astral?

What people call “the astral” is just their mind’s representation of information coming from a system. When they “project” themselves, they’re receiving information from the system, interpreting it visually as something they “see,” and using a “my energy body is flying around” metaphor to understand it.

So, to use direct magick to project yourself into the astral, you would:

  1. Find the system that someone uses to project themselves into the astral
  2. Connect to that system
  3. Align your mind to that system

For more on this, see this series.

How can you talk to a jinn or enochian or solomonic spirit and in turn, they can show you how to do a spell, or a working or a technique from a direct magick point of view?

To access a spirit from a particular magick style, use the symbols associated with that style. Focusing on a symbol will connect you to the systems tied to that style. From there, ask the system for the spirits that run it, or just ask to be trained in something. The easiest approach is to first align your mind to that system (use that system a bit, then use the same alignment technique as above), so that the system responds to your thoughts, then just think your question while connected to the system.

A spirit might not recognize the term “direct magick,” and many won’t respond to general questions (like “what’s the best way to heal this injury”) because they don’t know the right place to start explaining it. If they just tell you what they’d do, it might not make sense. You’ll probably get better results asking a specific question, like “this is how I heal this injury right now, what’s something I can improve to get better results?” Asking questions like that is how I learned a lot of my direct magick.

One thing to remember: You’d use a different system for contacting a spirit like the Enochian angels than for astral projection. If you want to contact the Enochian angels, just focus on their symbols, use their system, and call them. No astral projecting required. I wouldn’t recommend using astral projection as a route to contact spirits, you never know what sort of spirit you’ll get.

For more on this, see this series.

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