Making Sure Your Magick Isn’t Coincidence

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I want to know people feel better because of my healing techniques, not because of coincidence.

When doctors run case studies, where they only have one patient, they have this problem. Here’s how they solve it:

  • Give the treatment. Observe the problem go away.
  • Stop the treatment. Observe the problem return.
  • Give treatment again. Observe the problem go away again.

Why is this significant? Because problems that go away on their own usually stay gone. By showing a correlation with your techniques for both relieving and re-causing the problem, you show that coincidence is a bad explanation.

Doubts are natural. Healthy, even. You shouldn’t be confident in your techniques until you’ve tested them. Evidence is the only healthy way to build belief in your work. So test your magick. Testing will stop being scary as you build real, evidence-based confidence in yourself.

Remember, this post was about preventing coincidence, not placebo. See here for avoiding placebo, or here for more on avoiding coincidence.

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