Starting a Healing Business: Where to Practice

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Another “nuts and bolts” post on starting a healing business.

Today: Finding a space to practice. It’s pretty straight-forward, but it’s another thing that gave me an excuse to procrastinate. And I want to help you start, so I’m removing your excuses.

The simplest option: Practice in your home. You set up a room with a massage table, soft lighting, music, whatever. A lot of massage therapists do this to keep costs and commute time down.

But there are drawbacks:

  • Looks not quite professional. For an established practice, like massage or Reiki, this probably isn’t a big deal. For someone starting his own style of healing, appearances matter.
  • Liability. I’m no lawyer, but it seems like you have more liability in your home than renting space that someone else maintains.
  • Safety. Do you really want people you don’t know in your home? And ladies, you’re not the only ones worried about being alone with a stranger. As a guy, I like having other people around so no one can later claim I touched them inappropriately.

So, I’ll be renting space. Here’s what to do:

  1. Use google maps to search for massage businesses.
  2. Based on the name and website, look for a multi-person business that seems open to energy healing. Pick “Center for the Healing Arts,” not “Mary’s Massage” or “Asian Massage.”
  3. Call, explain that you’re an energy healer starting a professional practice looking to rent space, ask what their rates are.

You want one that rents by the hour, since it will take a while to build up a client base. In Albuquerque, you can get space for $10/hour. Your city might be more expensive.

Also, ask about liability insurance (sometimes called “slip trip and fall insurance”). They should have some. It will cover injuries you can’t control, like a fall caused by wet floors from the janitor.

Now you’ve got one fewer excuse to not start your business.

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