Debugging Your Energy Meditation

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Jared is debugging his energy meditation. Here’s what’s going on:

  • His energy feels like a “cold sensation in my chest and back, like putting Vick’s on my skin.”
  • He wants to produce a normal, warm, tingly energy.
  • I had him feel emotionally warm (watch a touching movie, look at old photos, etc), then build energy in that state.
  • The energy feels warm, but it’s very faint. The cold was much more noticeable.

Full conversation here, scroll to bottom.

Even if you’re not having this specific problem, seeing how understanding all the pieces lets you create a solution might help you solve another problem.

Here’s 2 ways to fix it, and the reasons behind them.

The Solution

Here’s what I recommend. First, some preparation:

  • Learn your mental posture for making the cold energy.
  • Create a visual that makes you feel emotionally warm. An old memory, photo, movie scene, whatever.
  • Practice so you can hold this visual in your mind while doing your energy visualization, or combine the two visualizations. (If you’re not sure how to combine them, just hold them both separately in your mind).

Now, do the energy meditation:

  • Engage the mental posture.
  • Focus on the emotional visualization.
  • Think about how this warm emotion will produce warm energy.
  • Do the energy meditation.

By the way, I haven’t faced this problem before, so I haven’t had a chance to test this procedure. So I’m as eager as you to see how Jared fares.

Reasons For Each Step

Let me break down each step and explain what it does for you.

Mental Posture

Magick comes from special parts of your mind that I call “mental muscles.” When you build energy, they’re driving the action. If they’re not paying attention, you can imagine energy all you want, nothing will happen.

But if they are paying attention, even a poor or unfamiliar visualization will produce good results. (For tasks they know how to do. And they know how to make energy).

The skill to consciously engage your mental muscles, so they’re paying attention before you start the visualization, is called “mental posture.” It takes about an hour to learn, maybe a few hours if you’re just learning to control energy, but it’s fairly quick.

I explain how in this post.

Emotional Visualization

The cold feeling comes from the particular signature of Jared’s energy. Usually, energy signature is influenced by your emotional state. That’s the basis of this class, so I’ve seen it in a ton of people.

Experienced healers choose energy signatures independent of their emotional state. This post is for people new to working with energy.

The key is to maintain this emotional state while doing the energy meditation. That’s why you should turn it into a visualization you can use while doing the energy meditation.

Also, make sure it is a truly emotional visualization. Something that makes you feel warm, not something where the character felt warm and you felt “meh.”

Thinking about it now, one of the best options is probably to listen to music that makes you feel emotionally warm while doing the energy meditation. First listen to the music, get in that emotional state, then do the meditation.

Think About Producing Warm Energy

Sometimes, your mental muscles need a little help understanding what exactly you want. Thinking about how this warm emotional state will make you produce warm energy will help them get the hint.

Point of interest: This is similar to chaos magick, which focused on belief as a tool, using it to instruct your mental muscles.

The point isn’t to eliminate all doubt, which is hard and pointless. It’s just to give your mental muscles a little nudge to connect “warm emotions” to “warm-feeling energy.”

Do the Meditation

Now that you have all your ducks in a row — mental muscles are engaged, you feel warm, they know that warm emotion = warm energy — do the energy meditation.

Another Option: Copy an Energy Healer

Here’s how I would solve this problem if I faced it today. I would first try the warm emotion approach I just laid out, but it’s not terribly robust. Everyone’s energy is influenced by their emotional state, but there are other, rarer things that also influence your energy signature.

So, if I were solving this problem for myself, here’s how I’d do it:

  • Learn to engage my mental muscles. (Really, all magick starts with that).
  • Go to an energy healer known for a warm, nice energy.
  • While feeling their energy, engage my mental muscles and tell them “This is warm energy. When I ask for ‘warm energy,’ I want energy in this signature.”

I’d tell the healer what I was doing. They’ll be supportive of someone wanting to learn to use energy themselves. I’d have them take a break midway through the session, ground their energy (so it’s not in your body), and make my own to check if it worked. If it didn’t, I’d try telling those mental muscles about warm energy again, or maybe try building my own energy while the healer is sending me energy, so my mental muscles can use their energy as a guide.

Before doing this, make sure you can comfortably maintain a mental posture for using energy for an hour. It is much more tiring to re-train your mental muscles than to just keep them engaged, so if you can just barely hold your mental posture for an hour, practice it some more.


Here’s my reasoning: We don’t have a language to explain energy signatures. We can say how it makes it feel, but if you don’t know what energy signature makes you feel warm, me saying “make warm energy” doesn’t help.

But your mental muscles can recognize energy signatures well. So feeling the energy you’re looking for, and telling your mental muscles to pay attention because you’ll want to make energy like that, should create the shared language* to let you ask for the right signature next time. That’s how I learn the right signatures for most tasks — go to an expert in that skill, connect to their connection, and copy their connection’s signature.

*Shared between your conscious mind and your unconscious mental muscles.

One note: Make sure you understand the concept of “energy signature.” Your mental muscles respond to concepts, not words. You could call it vibration, color, or something else, as long as it’s the right concept.


This is the fun part: I don’t know which solutions will work the best. So, Jared, if you’re up for it, let’s try some experiments.

Try several different ways of getting into the warm emotional state — memories, photos, movies, music, etc. Write a comment and let me know the results. Together, we can see if there’s a pattern, some part that makes some more complex or less effective, and find you a good solution to controlling your energy signature.

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2 Responses to “Debugging Your Energy Meditation”

  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    Rather than going through all that, he could just switch to reverse breathing – abdomen in as you inhale, abdomen out as you exhale. It produces warm energy in just about anyone quite quickly.

  2. OK. Jacob, try this reverse breathing, let us know how it works.

    I tried it myself. It forces you to take shallow breaths, which gave me a bit of an oxygen high. That feels sort of warm and tingly, but it’s just the oxygen, not energy. I get it even when not doing any energy meditation.

    Also, if you want to learn the general skill of controlling your energy’s signature, which is important for a lot of techniques, you’ll want to use the tips in my post. Changing up your breathing won’t get you a lot of precision in energy signatures.

    But thanks for the tip!

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