Direct Magick in Under a Minute

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A fast guide to what direct magick is and why it matters.

In traditional styles of magick, you use a symbolic ritual or visualization to suggest your goal to your unconscious, which does… something to make that happen.

In direct magick, you learn to consciously engage those normally-unconscious parts of your mind. Same idea as learning to consciously control your heartbeat with biofeedback. I call those parts of your mind that drive magick “mental muscles.”

Once your mental muscles become conscious, you can see the actual steps they take to make magick happen. Usually, those steps don’t really relate to the the symbols you used to communicate the goal.

As you come to understand the inner-workings of magick, you’ll see new ways to use each part, and develop new techniques your unconscious wouldn’t think of on its own. It’s somewhere between a professional swimmer consciously thinking about her breathing technique, and an engineer consciously designing a new circuit board.

Once you’ve developed a good technique, you’ll practice it until it becomes unconscious. But like in sports and music, you don’t achieve unconscious mastery by practicing a bad technique a million times. You do it by first learning the proper technique consciously, and then practicing until it becomes automatic.

Why call it “direct magick?” Because you’re working with your mental muscles directly, instead of through symbols. Everything else flows from there.

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14 Responses to “Direct Magick in Under a Minute”

  1. Random says:

    As I read your various intriguing and amazing posts, I keep thinking: ‘Have you ever run into Neuro-Linguistic Programming?’ The subtitle of the main book is ‘learning to re-program the human computer’. I would think this would be amazingly useful to integrate into Direct Magick.

    • I get asked about NLP a fair amount. I’ve looked into it, it doesn’t seem that related to what I actually do. But we both use computer metaphors, so I can see where we’d sound sort of similar. Thanks for writing.

  2. viek says:

    hi mike i want to know that what is mental muscles of brain or how to recognize the mental muscles and wake it up?

  3. viek says:

    thanks mike i want to ask that do i need any type of magical wand or any ring to do magic? and if no than what i need to do it?
    plzz tell me i’m confused

  4. viek says:

    hey mike what is mental muscles cuz i think its our unconcious mind reply if i am correct

  5. Anita says:

    I am so glad that I found your site! This is exactly what I have been doing totally by trial and error and intuition for some time ~ I almost never do any ritual work anymore and after reading what I have so far here I’m thinking I probably won’t need to unless there’s a pressing reason.
    Thank you! :D

  6. OLA says:

    Hi Mike,i commend your effort.pls i practise direct magick and it worked 100% for 3days and failed to work again.i practised it by using my mind eye to move round my brain and then chant hu(mantra) simultaneously visualizing image.what was wrong?

    • I’m a believer in straight answers, so here it is: Most of the time, if something appeared to work for a few days, then it stops working, that means it didn’t work in the first place. Most likely, you got some lucky coincidences in those first few days, which looked like magick results but were really just luck.

      Of course, if you did rigorous testing in those 3 days, it could be something else. But given only what you’ve told me here, I’d say coincidence is the most likely explanation.

      Sorry, and good luck.

  7. lee says:

    Im new to your blog. i like what im reading. I have never done any ritual magic but i have done lots of energy work in the past and opened up some psychic ummm pathways i guess i would call it. Energetically i was in shape is another way of saying it. But i never used it for any goal really other than asyral projection…. which ive only done twice. But now im out of practise with all that. It woukd take some time conditioning myself again but i like your site. Its inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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