How to Practice

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Practice makes whatever you’re struggling with become easy. Here’s my best tip to make that happen.

Most skills I find easy, really aren’t. Take the series on sensory connections. I find that all basic. It’s something I do every day. Each time I meet someone who can’t sense magick that way, I’m surprised. Which happens quite a lot, because it’s actually fairly advanced, when you think about all the steps.

The point isn’t to pat myself on the back. The point is, if you practice, whatever you’re struggling with will become easy for you, too. That’s how it works.

The best way to do it? Whatever skill you’re practicing, learn to use it for something that’s useful every day. Learn manifesting to pick which item to order at a restaurant, then use it every time you go out. Learn energy healing, then practice it with everyone you know (that you talk with about magick) every time they get a bruise.

It’s not about giant effects. It’s about learning something simple and useful, and doing it constantly. That’s how you put in the 10,000 hours it takes to become good.

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