Moving to San Francisco

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I’m excited to be moving to the bay area later this year, and I need your advice. Where’s the magick scene? I travel for work, so SF, Oakland, Berkeley, or somewhere else are all options. Are there different spots for the pagan groups, Crowley-type ritual mages, etc?

Also, a (non-mage) friend recommended the SF Mission, Temescal (North of Oakland) and downtown Berkeley, based on a request for real cities (“real city” = I grew up by NYC) with new ideasĀ  / art / activities (I care more about innovative than polished), on the BART (or similar transit), and downtown enough that I can walk for daily tasks (I hate the gym, so a walking city is the best way for me to exercise). Any tips you have on that would be awesome, too.


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2 Responses to “Moving to San Francisco”

  1. Hermgirl says:

    Berkeley is your place, man. There are at least two Crowleyan groups in and around there that I know of, as well as other pagan modalities. You have got to hit Ancient Ways bookstore, they will probably be able to tell you everything you need to know about where to meet people, as well as the fact that there are usually at least a couple magickal people hanging out there browsing around.

    I know there are a lot of groups of different kinds in SF proper as well.

    Welcome to the Bay Area!

  2. Awesome! And thanks for the pointer to the good bookstore.

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