The Implementation of Prayer

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Are you working with a system or a spirit? Knowing that lets you learn faster. Here’s how to tell.

My mother lost her driver’s license. She found it an hour or so after my aunt prayed to St Anthony.

Today, she asked if that was magick: If St Anthony was a spirit that helped them. I asked if she wanted the technical, accurate answer. She said yes. So here it is:

Most likely, when my aunt prays to St A (that’s her conscious model of what she’s doing), she’s contacting a psychic system that specializes in finding lost items (that’s the unconscious implementation of the magick). Remember, most visualizations are just a way to communicate goals to your unconscious, which does whatever it wants to implement the magick.

Lots of people connect to these systems, and few of them make a distinction between systems and spirits. It’s just an external intelligence that helps them out, so they grab a common word for it: Saint, spirit, alien, whatever.

Why do I think it’s a system and not a spirit? Well, a system is like a computer, it’s always available. If you want to know the weather, you can go online 24/7 and find out.

A spirit is like a person. When I call spirits I work with regularly, about 50% of the time they’re somewhat distracted (like calling a friend at work), and abou 10% of the time they’re unavailable (like calling when your friend is in a meeting — they answer in case it’s an emergency, but they can’t talk otherwise). If that’s not happening, you’re probably working with a system.

Why is the distinction important? Just like you work with computers differently than people, the lessons you learn when you work with systems don’t apply when you work with spirits. Syntax matters a great deal with computers (and systems), whereas politeness matters more with people (and spirits). Knowing which situation you’re in lets you categorize your experiences, and apply the right lessons to the current interaction, which lets you learn faster.

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