Shielding: Tips for Beginners (Part 3 of 4)

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Easy-to-use tips for better shielding.

This series is about shielding while you sleep. So far, I’ve shown you how to remove connections and close potential connections while you’re awake. Next post, I’ll show you the technique I use to shield while asleep. But there’s a catch: I developed that technique sometime around 2005, using everything I’d learned in my ~14 years practicing magick. It’s somewhat advanced.

So first, I want to share some tips from Lisa, who’s been practicing direct magick for about 6 years and remembers being a beginner better than I do.

You Aren’t Doing Anything Wrong

Don’t worry that you’re getting bothered by spirits. It doesn’t indicate a flaw in your magick. As you get better, and work with more energy and do more interesting magick, you’ll become interesting to more-capable spirits. Just goes with the territory. So continuing to get drained doesn’t mean you’re not learning. In fact, if you set up a defense and never need to improve it, that’s the sign you’re not learning.

Remove Connections Quickly

A lot of avoiding drains while you’re asleep is noticing them during the day. Remove the connection immediately, so they don’t get any drain in, and they’ll often move on and not bother you at night in the first place. But if they get a half hour of draining in, they have every reason to come back.

Basic Hygiene

Before going to bed, renew your shielding: Remove any connections from spirits, close your potential connections. Make it your evening ritual. And tell those mental muscles “Wake me up if I’m bothered.” Interrupted sleep makes you tired, but sleeping through a night of draining makes you exhausted.

(Note from Mike: Remember, just thinking “Do good shielding now” doesn’t result in good shielding. You need to train your mental muscles. See the rest of this series, plus these two posts).

Use a System

None of that working for you? Using a system is always an option. (“System” = My term for the forces that mages, psychics, and energy healers channel). You give the system an instruction, and it does the work for you.

Most systems include some form of shielding. Casting a circle comes to mind. Try this on your bedroom, with the intent that the shield stay up once you’re done. (Remember, systems read instructions from your thoughts, so it should pick up your intent).

Note from Mike: Any ritual-based shielding is driven by systems. See Ananael’s comment for some recommendations.


Got all that? Next I’ll show you the full technique for shielding at night.

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