Etherial Software (Renaming “Systems”)

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Summary: The term “system” caused confusion. I’m re-naming it as “ethereal software.” If you’re starting at my latest post and going back, most posts older than this one will talk about “systems,” and you can just mentally replace that word with “ethereal software.”

Thanks for all the input on renaming “systems,” the forces that you channel for psychic intuitions, energy healing and turning symbols and rituals into changes in the world. I’m going with “ethereal software,” which seems like a good metaphor, and which my manifesting says is the best term for talking with mages focused on technical how-to-get-good-results work.

(Manifesting said that “ethereal computer” was better for non-technical folks, so I may use that metaphor too, occasionally).

I’ll have a real post going up later today.

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