Follow-Up on Healing Energy for Chronic Hives

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How I debugged the healing energy to get better results.

A few weeks ago, I posted about a healing technique for Lisa’s hives. Since then, the technique I posted stopped working, and we developed a new technique that seems to be far more effective. So a follow-up seems in order.

Why the Itching Returned

Here’s the intuition I got from the ethereal software*. (I can’t say for certain it’s medically accurate, but we assumed it was accurate and got great results.) It said: Suppressing the itch signal along the nerves caused a buildup of the neurotransmitter that signals the itch.

*Reminder for long-time readers: Ethereal software is my new term for “systems,” the forces you channel when doing magick.

A little background, from Lisa’s medical training (she’s a nurse):

Nerves communicate via neurotransmitters. One nerve releases a chemical, like dopamine, which the next nerve absorbs. When that nerve absorbs enough of the neurotransmitter (such as dopamine), it signals the next nerve. Here’s the Wikipedia page on neurotransmitters.

When you block a nerve from receiving a signal, this often prevents it from absorbing the neurotransmitter. This can lead to a buildup of neurotransmitter that causes problems later. Hangovers are partially caused by this buildup of neurotransmitters. (The alcohol blocks neuroreceptors, which leads to a buildup of neurotransmitters.)

That part was all normal biology, like you’d learn in college. OK, back to the energy techniques:

The ethereal software we’re using has a built-in safety check that, among other things, detects a buildup of neurotransmitters before they become a problem. When that happens, it refuses to perform the anti-itching effect.

(If it didn’t have that check, what would happen? Probably something in the ballpark of a hangover, like an increase in the itching and a decrease in effectiveness of the anti-itching effect. So, nothing that makes me nervous about using these healings on myself, just something to keep an eye out for.)

Healing the Underlying Cause

I didn’t know all that at first, so I asked the ethereal software why it was no longer performing the healing technique, and what to do about it. It explained about the neurotransmitters, and recommended a command designed to increase reuptake. (Reuptake is when the nerve that released the neurotransmitter takes it back, removing the chemical from circulation). The command takes 4-8 hours to run, so I configured it to run overnight.

So how did it work? Well, before this effect, Lisa would typically wake up with hives all over her body. Not covering every inch, but a lot of spots over a large area, with intense itching. (That’s why we needed the healing technique in the first place).

After the overnight neurotransmitter effect, she woke up with just one hive, covering a couple inches of her back, and only itching a little. Normally, if she scratches her arm, it develops hives within 90 seconds. This morning, she showed me that she could scratch it without developing any hives.

End Results

The ethereal software recommended to run this command once a day for 2-4 days. Lisa worked a few nursing shifts at night, and she has four days off starting today. So we’re going to focus on this technique and see if we can make further improvements. But even if her condition stays where it is now, she’s better than she’s been in months.

Why Not Just Send Out Your Intent?

You’ll hear people talk about “sending out their intent” or “creating a servitor to help someone.” They don’t think about how that intent gets implemented, but the short version is that some ethereal software connects to you, reads the instruction from your thoughts, and implements it as best as it can.

When you send out your intent, you can’t control how the ethereal software implements it. Most likely, the software I used would have tried the first command (which didn’t work) or the second command (which stopped working after a week or so). No good.

If you send out a more forceful intent (“No, really, heal her hives”), you’ll most likely get a larger amount of one of those ineffective commands. To get to this third command (the one that’s working well so far), I had to very specifically tell the software how to implement that intent: Increase neurotransmitter reuptake. And I only figured that out by talking with the software, seeing why it had stopped working and what errors it was detecting, and testing out new commands to find one that worked.

Could other ethereal software have done better? Sure. Knowing the answer, I can reprogram this software to correctly handle an instruction like “heal these hives,” and I can imagine other software that’s already got that programming. But that’s the point: Someone has to program it.

That’s why I focus on magick’s implementation, rather than on sending out intent: Working on the implementation lets you solve problems that haven’t been solved yet.

(Note: I can’t say for certain that the command “increase neurotransmitter reuptake” actually increases neurotransmitter reuptake. It seems like a safe assumption, but I hope to one day work with biologists to quantify exactly what it does.)

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  1. Another approach you could take would involve communicating with the neurotransmitter directly. alternately you might look at environmental factors that are contributing to the outbreaks and see how they meld with her physiology.

    Interesting post and approach to handling the issues. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. In terms of “communicating with her neurotransmitters directly,” remember that they’re just chemicals. They can signal cellular processes, but they can’t “communicate” in the sense that humans or animals can. So how would that work?

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