Energy Healing Case Study: Throat Cold #2

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Yesterday, I told you about the healing technique for my throat cold, using my conscious techniques rather than a channeled force. That same day, my mother had an unrelated throat cold, with slightly different symptoms. I tried the same technique on her, but it didn’t work. So I connected to the ethereal software* I’d been using for Lisa’s hives. Here’s what I learned.

*Ethereal software = My term for the forces healers, psychics and other mages channel. For example, the energy from Reiki comes from Reiki’s ethereal software.

Healing Bacterial vs Viral Colds

I guided the ethereal software to look at my cold and my mother’s cold, then asked it about the differences and why my effect didn’t work. It explained:

Your cold is caused by foreign life, foreign cells. You would fix it by disrupting the processes of those cells, as it appears you have done, though imprecisely. (Yes, the ethereal software was criticizing my work. But it was matter-of-fact about it, trying to be helpful, not snitty).

Her illness is caused by non-living proto-life that infects her cells and uses them to multiply. Do not disrupt the cellular processes, since that would apply to her own cells. Instead, use an effect for non-living-matter to disrupt the viral processes. (Note: I haven’t learned this technique to affect non-living matter).

The ethereal software didn’t have a single concept of “virus” or “bacteria.” It was made before modern medicine, and the spirit who made it can’t pull up Wikipedia and read up on it. That’s why it explained “non-living proto-life,” rather than just saying “virus.” For me, it was cool to see how the spirit who programmed it conceptualizes different types of infections.

It also offered to implement the default healing on both her and me (since my healing was, ahem, imprecise). I said yes. My mother felt better about a minute later, and I did too.

We’re Both Imprecise

But an hour later, I felt worse again.

Remember last post, where I talked about the importance of adjusting the disrupting signature? Otherwise, you miss some bacteria, which will then multiply and re-infect you, much the same way as bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics.

See, the spirit who made the ethereal software didn’t understand genetic diversity or drug resistance. He didn’t think about what happens after you kill off 90% of a bacterial population, and how the resistant bacteria will reproduce, creating a new, resistant strain. So he didn’t program the software to check for bacterial re-growth and adjust the disruption signature.

I’m guessing that, in the past, people have just re-applied the healing each time they start to feel sick again, adjusting the signature with each re-application. But that means you keep feeling sick every hour or so throughout the day, until your immune system finally catches up. And since my focus is on designing new techniques for better results, we’re going to fix that.

I updated the software to check every 15 minutes. It would look for any other foreign signatures that are growing or easily noticeable, and add a disruption signature for those. Once there has been no change for 4 hours, it would consider the healing technique complete. (I pulled the numbers from times I’ve driven the healing energy myself).

It worked well. I felt better within a minute, and continued to feel good throughout the day. But there’s a larger point than this one success:

If you do a ritual or just “send out your intent,” you’re sending an instruction to the ethereal software, and relying on it to implement that intent. And it might do a poor job, or an incomplete job, or just a not-as-thorough-as-possible job. Because the spirits who programmed this are powerful and skilled, but they’re not omnipotent, and they’re not doctors. Applying modern medicine — or modern physics, economics, probability theory, or whatever field most applies to your problem — can help you create a better solution.


I normally try to show you magick you can learn fairly quickly, and I can’t do that with techniques I’m currently developing, like these case studies. Are they useful anyway? Should I keep posting them?

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3 Responses to “Energy Healing Case Study: Throat Cold #2”

  1. Kol Drake says:

    So, am I reading this properly? The etheric software you are working with is from some established energy construct? How did you know to hook into ‘that’ particular etheric software system ‘for colds’ and not another ‘for healing’? And this entity; is this entity your ‘program analyst’ who you call in to check your progress?

  2. Hi Kol, good questions. It will take a few paragraphs to answer, so I’ll make that tomorrow’s post.

    Edit: Answer is here

  3. Ananael Qaa says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I find these case studies interesting and useful because they show what you can and can’t accomplish with your approach to magick in measurable, objective terms. In my opinion the more magicians who post this sort of information publicly, the better.

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