Energy Healing Case Study: Throat Cold

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Using direct magick to heal my throat cold in under a minute.

This morning, I woke up with a hoarse voice and mild sore throat. It had been a bit sore for a couple of days, but the hoarseness was new.

Note: Not actually this morning. I wrote this post in December.

I did a healing session while stopped at a traffic light. After driving about two blocks, my throat was no longer sore, and my voice was about halfway back to normal. So in total, about a minute to do the healing technique and feel the results. Then, over the next hour, the inflammation in my throat continued to go down, and I continued to get better.

The Technique

I won’t be able to walk you through every detail, but if you have enough direct magick experience to start solving these problems yourself, hopefully this will give you a head start. If you’re new to direct magick, just take this as an example of how it works.

Step 1: Find the infection’s energy signature. Here, the cold was in my throat and starting to settle in my lungs. You can spot it because the infection has a different underlying signature than the person’s own tissue.

Step 2: Disruption signature. Apply a signature to the germ cells designed to disrupt their cellular processes. This is something you simply have to know how to spot, I can’t explain it here without explaining signature decomposition, inverse signatures, and a few other techniques.

Step 3: Sink the signature in. Don’t stop at the energy layer of the cells. You want to get the signature into the deeper structures that connect that energy to the actual cells. Personally, I start by shifting the signature of the deeper structures, then propagate that shift up to energy layer, though you could start by shifting energy and go down, too.

When you do this, be sure to get the whole area that’s infected: Many connections throughout the throat and lungs, not just one connection to one spot. As a general principle of physical effects, doing only one connection to one spot produces weak results.


Some of the bacteria* will have slightly different signatures, causing them to be unaffected by the particular disruption signature you used. Over several hours, these unaffected bacteria will replicate and become dominant in the throat (or wherever the infection is).

*I initially wrote this last month, when I did this healing session. Since then, I’ve determined that this technique is for bacterial colds, and you need a different technique for viral colds. That’s in an upcoming post.

It’s similar to how diseases develop tolerance to antibiotics: Some bacteria, through random genetic variation, are immune to the drug, and when the drug kills all the other bacteria, these unaffected ones multiply and take over. The advantage here is we can easily pick another disruption signature to adjust for that tolerance.

So, every half hour, check the infected area. Look for any re-growth of the infection — any signature with a different underlying signature than the person’s. Repeat the technique on these cells, adjusting the disruption signature to disrupt them properly. This way, you can keep the unaffected cells from regrowing and re-infecting the person. If you don’t, you’ll need to redo the whole healing a few hours later.

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