Healing Energy for Chronic Hives: Follow-up #2

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The command to increase Lisa’s neurotransmitter reuptake worked great for two weeks. Then, while on a nursing shift, she broke out again. It’s still much less bad than before we started, and the anti-itching effect still works, but it’s disheartening to see her breaking out at all.

Looking at the nerves, I didn’t see the same overactivity energy signature as before. In other words, the energy didn’t look like an overabundance of neurotransmitter, so the neurotransmitter reuptake effect (1) had done what it was supposed to, but (2) was unlikely to help at this point.

So I tried a new technique: I connected to the nerve’s energy, and look for a signature that might be related to the physical process that’s triggering the itch. And I spot one, an unusual signature that I’ll assume corresponds to the white blood cells attacking her skin cells (which is the cause of these problems, according to modern medicine).

Looking through the blood in the rest of her body, this energy signature is fairly active everywhere, as you would expect from a chronic auto-immune condition. So I programmed the ethereal software we’ve been using to tone down that signature throughout her body. The intent isn’t to prevent white blood cells from going into attack mode (which would leave her open to infections), the intent is only to make them less sensitive to the chemical messenger that triggers attack mode, so they require more of that messenger before activating.

To do that, I connected the ethereal software to the cells, pointed out the signature, explained my take on what physical process that signature corresponded to, and explained what I wanted the software to do to that process.

That was this morning. We’ll see how it works. But here’s what I’ve realized from these healing sessions:

Healing techniques for symptoms are easy: Use energy designed to inhibit the nerves signalling itching, pain, or whatever the problem is.

Healing techniques for tissue damage is easy, too: Use energy designed to increase tissue growth and wait a few days.

But healing techniques for chronic conditions, that’s really hard. You have to study modern medicine like a doctor. I’m lucky Lisa’s a nurse, because without her to teach me how the body works, I wouldn’t be able to find most of what I need to heal this.

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5 Responses to “Healing Energy for Chronic Hives: Follow-up #2”

  1. Lisa says:

    My report:

    My itching is now down to a 4/10, which is tolerable. The effect from the healing system has given me a better outcome than oral antihistamines, Betamethasone ( the most powerful topical corticosteriod) and emollients combined. I am now able to focus sufficiently so I can complete simple daily tasks. Yesterday I was spending at least half of every hour trying to control the itching/scratch reflex.

    • Thanks Lisa. For readers: This was about 6 hours after starting the effect outlined in this post.

      Clarification: When she says that yesterday, the itching was bad, that was a couple days after the itching started again from the nursing shift, but before we did the healing described in this post.

  2. Kol Drake says:

    Your post brings up the point I was going to touch on — that, the work with the nerves and neurotransmitters was only relieving the symptoms and not ‘curing’ the source cause of the hives.

    And, yes, having to know a heck of a lot more about how the body works or you can ‘switch’ one system and mess up one or more other functions.

    Will be interested to read how this new avenue of exploration turns out… keeping fingers crossed your lady friend finds a healthy balance.

    • Hi Kol, thanks for the crossed fingers. In terms of healing symptoms vs underlying cause, I don’t have the medical background to know those details. (Maybe Lisa could help).

      The way I look at it, if she continues to get the rash and itching, but then can reduce the intensity after the itching starts, that’s healing the symptoms. If she stops getting rashes and itching in the first place, that’s healing the underlying cause.

      The first post was all about symptoms, and she continued getting rashes but was able to deal with them after the fact.

      The second, with the neurotransmitters, wound up healing the underlying cause: She didn’t get any rashes for a couple of weeks, and there was probably some trigger (like being exposed to latex or adhesives) that happened on the nursing shift to re-start it.

      Hopefully, the one today also heals the underlying cause, and not just the symptoms.

      Lisa, anything to add?

  3. Lisa says:

    Follow up report:

    The healing system has been very effective in stopping the hives, itch, scratch, eruption of more hives feedback cycle.

    For the first time in months, I can gently scratch an itch without having bumps form immediately afterward (these bumps would itch ten times worse than the original itch and form on sites all over my body, not just the site I scratched). I cannot express how much of a relief this is.

    The stimulus to itch in someone with a chronic disorder is heightened above a normal threshold, akin to a the desire a smoker has for a cigarette, and can be overwhelming. The stimulus doesn’t go away; it lasts for 20-30 minutes. Now when I have the desire to itch, I connect to the healing system and issue a command to reduce the itch stimulus. The net result is that the itching sensations decrease to a level where I can resist scratching most of the time, thus stopping the feedback loop. I still experience some bad breakouts on days when I’m extremely stressed or have a sleep deficit; and I use the healing system along with steroid cream to keep the breakout under control. Some days I can use the healing system alone to manage the hives and this is wonderful! Because long term steroid use has many deleterious side effects.

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