Is Your Cold Magickal or Mundane?

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If you’ve ever wondered how to tell the difference between a non-magickal “feeling sick” vs a magickal “my energy is off / a spirit is draining me / someone cursed me,” check out this post on One Hand on the Sword (a magick blog).

Like me, the author’s default is to assume non-magickal causes:

I saw one too many fluffy-bunny (is that term not PC anymore? I can’t keep up) running around blaming curses, evil spirits, “bad energy” and the like for their marital troubles, failing occult shop, general clumsiness, seasonal allergies (seriously), and whole hosts of other problems.

Then he details his own cold, and the coincidences that made him look into magickal causes: Unusual reactions in friends, spiders in his room, and the one that clinched it for him (and for me) was that he felt better very quickly when he stayed at his mother’s house.

Could it be something like mold in his house? Sure, especially since his cure is a thorough cleaning (with ritual elements). His goal was to solve the problem, not make an iron-clad case for magickal causes, after all. But he sets a good bar for where to explore magickal possibilities, and it’s worth reading.

By the way, if you don’t do rituals, skip the details of the potion. But do read the last paragraph on the end results.

Also, if you find the text of that site hard to read (I do), try Readable to make it (and every other article online) display in an easier font / format.

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One Response to “Is Your Cold Magickal or Mundane?”

  1. Thank you for the plug!

    As you mentioned, I never did find out if the final cause was material, magical, or pure coincidence. It’s implied more than stated in the article, but I took the same “hit it from every side” approach that I usually bring to my magic. Externally, I all but sterilized my apartment; internally, I took a very “special occasion” combination of antibiotics, antivirals, and herbal “immune-boosters”; magically, I blasted everything in sight and set up an environment more conducive to healing.

    Was it scientific? Not in the least. But it was effective, and that’s Magic.

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