Reader Questions: The Nuts and Bolts of Manifesting

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The inner-workings of manifesting — magick for creating luck — and how to use that knowledge to get better results.

This is the second half of Mike’s questions. (First half here). He’s asking how to do manifesting for his business:

I like the idea of creating computer programs to command my magick. Is it as simple as engaging my ‘mental muscles’ and […] giving direct commands?

I played around with a magickal program that I would use for my business that would influence clients to do business with me […]

First, I want to make a distinction between making ethereal software and commanding ethereal software.

I used to program (non-magickal) software in C++, a programming language. It’s a specialized skill that requires years of training before you can make useful software. Think of making ethereal software like this: A specialized, advanced skill that most people don’t need.

At the other end of the spectrum, everyone uses computer software. That’s how you’re viewing this page right now: In Firefox, or Internet Explorer, or Chrome. You tell it what you want (you type into the URL bar), and the software handles the rest. This is like commanding ethereal software.

In the middle of those extremes (making vs using), there are scripting languages like Logo, the drawing program from the 80s. (See video).

Logo gives you commands to make a turtle walk forward and turn. You use them to write programs to draw triangles and stars and stuff. You’re programming the turtle, but the program is meaningless outside of the turtle-drawing software.

When someone talks about “Specifying what they want to happen with their business,” that’s almost always a turtle-drawing situation. They’re using already-written ethereal software that handles the details, and the person is telling it what shape they want.

Magick for influencing events, by the way, is called “manifesting.” And the ethereal software you use for it needs to be programmed for manifesting. Ethereal software for energy healing wouldn’t know how to do manifesting any more than notepad knows how to search the web.

So, back to the question: If you first engage your mental muscles (the ones for communicating with ethereal software, not the ones for moving energy around your body), then connect to the ethereal software for manifesting (not for energy healing), and tell it what you want, it should execute those instructions.

This might sound like a really long way of saying “Yes, program what you want into reality.” But the details tell us a lot:

First, if you don’t have ethereal software for manifesting, you won’t get anywhere. That’s the first debugging step. I’ll do a post on how to find ethereal software sometime soon. (February maybe?)

Second, it tells you what sort of exercises to do: Communicating, not moving energy. Practicing with energy is a good way to initially find your mental muscles, but you’ll need to practice communicating with ethereal software for a while before you can get good manifesting results.

Third, it tells you that these exercises on aligning your mind to the signature of your ethereal software should help. (Note: That post was from when I used the term “systems” for “ethereal software.”)

Fourth, if you work with spirits, it tells you that asking them for a different piece of ethereal software might get you better results. Just like different computer software is specialized for different tasks (Word and Excel can both write text, but one is probably a better tool for the problem you’re solving right now), some ethereal software is better for business-related manifesting than others.

Fifth, once you learn to communicate with ethereal software in words, rather than intents, you can ask it for the “list of commands,” and learn about other things you can ask it to do.

At some point, I’ll do a full walkthrough on how to learn manifesting, but first, I’ll need posts on finding ethereal software, preparing your mind for communication, and a few other things. It’s coming, though.

Mike: Did that answer you? Everyone else: Got questions? Leave a comment.

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4 Responses to “Reader Questions: The Nuts and Bolts of Manifesting”

  1. Mike says:

    Yes! Thank you. That answered my question. Explaining it in a technology frame work definitely makes it easy to understand because when it comes to magick and computer programming I am at the ‘scripting’ level.

    I believe that I should stick to finding my mental muscles that interface with an existing ethereal software for manifesting and communicating.

    • Yes, finding and awakening the mental muscles for communicating with already-existing ethereal software sounds like a good next step to me, too. I’ll have some posts on that coming out in the next few weeks.

      (And feel free to ask more questions or remind me about these posts if I forget).

  2. Carl says:

    I think I read somewhere on your blog, although I can’t find it now, that you access different ethereal software through the use of different names. Have you given your book software a name that we can use to access it instead of looking at the sigil? It would help in manifesting that elusive parking spot at the mall. I suppose there is some way to access it with the use of “signatures” but that is way beyond me at this point.

    • Hi Carl, it’s not that you need to know the name of the ethereal software. It’s that, when I first encounter some new ethereal software, I engage my mental muscles for communication and tell them, “I’ll call this software ‘my healing software’ when I want to connect to it again,” or something like that. Those mental muscles then remember the software’s signature. The name itself doesn’t matter, it’s that I set the name up as a way to refer back to the software.

      I’ll cover how to connect to ethereal software like that in the books. Either the current one, or the second book I write. It’s easy once you’re used to recognizing and sensing signatures, but until then, it’s terribly easy to connect to the wrong thing, or just not connect to anything, and then have no idea why your commands aren’t working.

      Does that help?

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