Connecting to Your Mental Muscles

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Years ago, I improved the way my mental muscles connect to my mind, which let me see the building blocks of magick more clearly. Last night, I made an error, breaking those connections. This morning, I re-made them. Here are a few notes that might help you improve the way your mental muscles connect to your mind, too.

Breaking My Connections

I was working with a mentor to change the signature of the power that drives my mental muscles. (This is part of an advanced direct magick project I’m working on). We got the signature wrong, didn’t realize, and left it on overnight. This morning, the connections between my mental muscles and my mind had stopped working.

In summary:

  • My mental muscles were awake and ready.
  • My mind was also alert.
  • But the two weren’t talking to one another.

This lets us isolate the importance of how your mental muscles connect to your mind, which is something I don’t get to talk about a lot.

First, how it felt: Like nothing in particular. I could still engage the parts of my brain that normally communicate with my mental muscles. So all my mental postures felt normal, and I didn’t even notice the problem until after breakfast. This is quite different than if a spirit drains your energy, where you know something is wrong. And it’s the basis for my comments on consciousness a while back.

The first thing on my agenda today was to test quartz with a magnet for my other series. (That was going to be my post today, until I had to fix this problem). I engaged all the parts of my brain for making the sensory connections, felt like I made one, but couldn’t sense anything.

So I tried looking at my mental muscles. From years of awakening them, I know how they’re supposed to look, and can usually diagnose problems quickly. But I couldn’t get a good connection there, either.

Re-Connecting to my Mental Muscles

I could somewhat engage the muscle for awakening other mental muscles, which was enough to give it a simple command: Fix the connection between my mental muscles and my mind. (I knew my mental muscles themselves were okay because, if they weren’t, I wouldn’t have been able to engage that mental muscle to give it a command.)

Once the connections were made, I had to strengthening the parts of my mind that direct them.

At first, I could only give the mental muscles commands, but not really interact with them.

After some practice, I could see what the mental muscles were doing, but only in broad strokes. For example, I could connect to my knee, but not make out the different tissues there. (Each type of tissue has its own signature, and normally I can tell them apart quite easily).

As I practiced more, I could start to see the details. Everything came into focus again. I could see what my mental muscles were doing, and guide them through each step of a technique, instead of just giving commands and letting them execute it however they want.

This was the same progression I made the first time: From giving commands, to watching them work, to guiding the technique. It took a lot longer the first time (months or years), but it’s the same progression.

How to Do It Yourself

So, what’s the take away for you? Think about how your mental muscles connect to your mind. Try this:

  • Engage your mental muscles, using your normal mental posture for doing magick.
  • Keep them mental muscles engaged, but relax your mind, like you do in a relaxing meditation*.
  • Ask your mental muscles to connect more fully to your mind. Ask in the same way you give any other instruction — words, visualization, whatever.

*There’s a more advanced technique that will do a more thorough job, but it requires a bunch of other skills. In particular, relaxing your mind is a simplification from the full technique.

Hopefully, with your mind relaxed, your mental muscles will be able to connect to it. Then, engage the mental posture for those mental muscles, and try to use them for something. At first, your mind will be adjusting to the new connections, and you won’t be able to see much more clearly than you did before. But after a few tries, you should start seeing more details.

The first time you do this, it will make small improvements. The only reason I was able to set everything up in a day is because my mind was already set up, and I’ve already awakened all the mental muscles involved in making these kind of connections. The first time I did this, it took months, maybe a year, to get everything set up so I could guide my mental muscles in real time. And I want you to have realistic expectations coming into this work.

But give it a try. After awakening your mental muscles, connecting them to your mind is probably the quickest way to get better at direct magick. If it’s successful, you should start seeing the building blocks of magick more clearly after practicing with those mental muscles a few times.


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4 Responses to “Connecting to Your Mental Muscles”

  1. mike says:

    Mental Muscles = engaged mirror neurons?

    Hyper engaged mirror neurons results in neural plasticity that allows a person to experience altered (magical) states at will.

    I wonder if your mental muscles are the same as engaging the mirror neurons.

    Checkout He loosely uses neuroscience to explain magick.

    • Mental muscles are non-physical, magickal structures that control energy, connections, and the other building blocks of magick. I don’t think they’re the same as mirror neurons.

      But I’m glad to see you wrestling with these ideas and adapting them to your own terminology. That’s how you’ll develop new ideas that will teach us both something new.

  2. mike says:

    How do mental muscles interface with the brain?

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