Energizing Quartz, Water and Ice

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Last post, I told you about the structures that I found when I connected to quartz. Today, I have two more findings: How quartz responds to magickal energy, and what I found looking at other materials with regular atomic structures.

How Quartz Responds to Magical Energy

Most people say that quartz amplifies energy. This is always struck me as dubious, because “amplify energy” sounds a lot like “perpetual motion machine”: They’re both holy grails of pseudoscience.

Yes, I’m conflating physics::energy with magick::energy. Mea culpa.

My model has always been that quartz changes the signature of the energy to one that’s more obvious and tingly. See, when you feel energy, the tingles happen more when the energy is in a different signature than your body. And if I align the energy with your body’s signature, you don’t feel anything.

I’ve verified the insensitivity to properly-aligned energy numerous times in healing sessions. It also applies to connections: A connection in a different signature is obvious, while one in your signature is hard to notice, though there are other considerations to making a hard-to-notice connection, too.

Before, that was just my best guess. Now, I can watch the quartz react to energy, and see how it works:

When I send energy into the quartz, the structures absorb the energy, becoming active. (Remember, previously the structures were inactive, meaning not charged). 1-2 seconds later, it emits energy with the signature of the structures, and the structures become inactive again. Watching each step, and seeing the timing, it’s pretty clear what’s going on.

The amount of energy emitted by the quartz equals the amount of energy you put it (as nearly as I can tell with my sensory connections). It feels more tingly because the signature is farther away from your body’s signature, not because of the quantity of energy.

What About Other Materials?

My guess is that the regular atomic structure of the crystal caused the magick structure I observed. A spirit I asked about this shared that opinion, as does Ananael.

Lisa is wonderfully geeky about a great deal of science, and pointed out the water has a regular atomic structure, and ice even more so. She suggested that, according to this model, they should both have similar magickal structures.

I initially dismissed the idea, because no one uses ice or water for energy work, at least, not the way they use crystals. It just sounded weird. But sounding weird is a bad basis for science, so I tested it.


Much to my surprise, water does have magical structure. A few notes:

The amount of water correlates with the size of the structure. Not surprising, but worth noting.

Within a gallon of bottled drinking water, you can see a lot of different areas of magickal structure. The boundaries between areas change over time, probably as the water moves.

When you first pour a glass of water, it won’t have a magickal structure. If you stay connected, you can watch the magickal structure form over about 30 seconds.

The water will absorb energy sent into it, but not re-emit it. Instead, that energy breaks down the magickal structures it touches. It looks like there’s some sort of sturdiness to the structure, perhaps related to the difference between solids and liquids.

Note: I tested tap water, bottled drinking water and distilled. The distilled had a more obvious structure, and re-emitted a bit of energy, but the results weren’t substantially different.


We froze a cup of tap water, then tested the same things. Notes:

There is a magickal structure there, but it’s hard to see. I haven’t explained enough about energy and activation, but the magickal structures in quartz aren’t 100% inactive. They’re just inactive enough that they’re not sending out energy. But in the ice, the structures were even less active, and thus harder to see. Degrees of inactivity is something I’ve seen before with hibernating mental muscles, but haven’t explained on the blog yet.

When I sent a bit of energy into the ice, it absorbed most of the energy, emitting only a small amount. By making more connections, and trying to follow the path from magickal structure toward physical atoms (in the same way I follow paths from energy to cells for energy healing), I could see the energy draining away.

These two results make me think there’s a relationship between magical energy and physical heat*. A lot of energy would equal a tiny amount of heat, based on what I saw of how the atoms responded (or whatever was at the end of those paths). I’ll suggest a test after discussing some more results tomorrow.

*This is another result that I would never have predicted. I’ve always seen magickal energy as distinct from other things called “energy,” like heat.

After telling Lisa about putting energy into the ice and only getting a tiny amount back, she tried it. At this point, we hadn’t discussed how much energy I put in the ice, so she just did what she normally does and sent a continuous stream for about 10 seconds. She reported feeling a return of energy just like quartz, and after several trials, had an energy headache (same as you would with quartz).

I tried her procedure, sending a continuous stream for 10 seconds, and got the same results: A slight delay, then a full return of energy, just like quartz.

I made a bunch of connections to the magical structure and watched. The first bit of energy indeed gets absorbed into the structure (presumably going toward physical atoms, though that’s really just conjecture). But that path can only carry so much energy per second. As you send more energy, it fills the paths, and any new energy coming in gets re-emitted, just like energy sent into quartz. In my initial tests, I just hadn’t sent enough energy to fill up the pathways.

Sensory Connections

One of the reasons I’m confident in my sensory connections is they routinely show me things I don’t expect. All the results with the ice and water were surprising, and if someone with a new age fluffy persona had told me those things, I would’ve simply dismissed it. Lisa’s finding about ice re-emitting energy was particularly surprising, because my previous testing had made me expect the opposite. These kind of results make me trust my sensory connections much more than if they always confirmed what I expected to see.

There are other reasons I trust my sensory connections too. I just wanted to highlight a few items from these tests.


I’d love to get some independent verification of sending energy into water (no energy re-emitted) and ice (energy re-emitted with a few-second delay, depending on the rate you send energy in). Try it, and let me know what you find.

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17 Responses to “Energizing Quartz, Water and Ice”

  1. Update: I tested ice made from distilled water. The magickal structure was as obvious as quartz (easier to see than with ice made from tap water), and energy could flow much faster toward what we’re presuming is physical atoms, meaning that it re-emits a lot less energy. Test it out and let me know what you find.

  2. Andrew says:

    I wouldn’t say that magickal energy = heat, but rather that the presence of magickal energy in a given local, when it is acting in a certain way, will produce heat in a way that is incidental to its existence. There is some relationship between magickal energy and the material world, if there wasn’t you probably wouldn’t have visible results, get enough in one spot and heat will occur, but not enough to be worth mentioning. You can melt snow with it, but you can’t even light white phosphorus which has a really quite low point of combustion.

    More than anything else it seems to be a side effect. Which is why it is so inefficient to get large results with it.

    • I wouldn’t say that magickal energy = heat, either ;)

      But if the relationship between magickal energy and heat turns out to be accurate, (and right now, I’m not sure it is), it seems like a significant place to explore. Because it could shed light on how magick interacts with the physical world. And who knows where that investigation leads.

      I wouldn’t dismiss it as a side effect. Sure, we can’t see anything immediately useful to do with generating small amounts of heat. But there was nothing immediately useful about anything in quantum physics, either. At the early stages of a science, the goal is simply to understand how everything works, and connecting heat to magickal energy seems like a rich source of those insights.

      Edit: I’d misread a sentence. You say that you can melt snow with magickal energy. Can you share the details of the experiment? Thanks.

    • Have you ever had two responses to something? One reasoned, the other emotional? Well, here’s the emotion Andrew stirred up:

      You say that when magick energy is “acting in a certain way,” it will produce heat, and that there’s “some relationship between magickal energy and the material world.” And I totally agree (aside from caveats that I need more testing to be certain about what I’m proposing in this post).

      But in your next breath, you seem to dismiss it. Don’t you want to know what it is? Aren’t you curious to tug on this loose thread of the stitching that binds magick to the physical world?

      I don’t mean to put you on the spot with these questions, and I don’t really expect you to answer them. But think about them, and think about what else you’re not looking at. Hopefully this can awaken your curiosity and get you exploring some new aspect of how magick works.

  3. Andrew says:

    Strictly speaking to melt snow I didn’t generate heat like that, I drew what heat I could from the surroundings closer, temporarily making my environment colder to make the snow warmer. Physical energy is easier to manipulate than it is to generate with magick. This doesn’t mesh well with thermodynamics, thermodynamics is what happens when things go along causally as they should and this is what happens when they don’t.

  4. Andrew says:

    You are coming to this information just now, I have known about it for over three years. I’ve looked into dozens of theories and techniques to try and optimize usefulness. It’s not that I lack curiosity, it’s more that I have other things that I am more curious about and I have to spread my time and energy to where it will provide me the greatest results.

    Now onto technique. When I did that, I wasn’t trying to do an experiment I was trying to stave off hypothermia. I was in deep snow and was wearing tennis shoes, so the purpose was to get enough heat built up to melt the snow in my shoes and warm up my feet. Step one, get out of your head, your looking for general signatures of magickal energy in your immediate area (like maybe a total of 128 cubic feet, which is smaller than you think 4x4x8). Stuff that, for lack of a better term, feels warm. It is really a whole class of signatures, no need to be picky. Within your territory there is a certain amount of acceptable magickal energy, and that energy only has so much sway over heat. So even though you draw all of the energy you can, it will only have a limited effect, but drawing in all that energy is the next and last step. That heat will augment your body heat, it is really difficult for me to tell what the maximum temperature change is that is possible as I have never had access to a thermometer that is accurate and changes in real time.

    The results were that the snow was melted, my feet were warm and my socks were only damp when I got home.

    I don’t know if that will make sense to anyone else, I don’t have any experience making my techniques comprehensible to others.

    • Thanks Andrew, those concrete details help me understand what you did.

    • Hey Andrew, I thought about these results some, and I want to give you my honest feedback, because it’s so hard to get past politeness and find out what people are really thinking, but we need that honesty to improve. So here goes.

      It would be really nice if you had some more data or details, because right now the story amounts to “I was walking through snow, moved energy to my feet, and the snow in my shoes melted.” I know it’s hard to gather data when you’re trying to solve a problem — that constructing a good experimental setup is often at odds with solving a problem quickly — but it’s hard for listeners to know what to make of your experience, given only the information you’ve laid out in the comment.

      So, assuming there is something beyond what you’ve said that gives you confidence that the energy altered the temperature, here are my thoughts:

      First, this wouldn’t necessarily indicate a direct interaction between magickal energy and snow. From what I’ve seen, energy is much better at influencing cells than influencing inanimate objects. So my first guess is the magickal energy influenced your cells to generate more heat, or circulate more blood, or something along those lines.

      Second, a follow-up experiment seems to be in order, with a proper control condition. Get two bowls of snow, one for each hand, and only channel energy into one. That way, you could be more confident in your results, and when you explain what you’ve done, listeners would be more confident in your results, too.

      Third, not sure how long ago this was, but digital thermometers are cheap these days. Here’s one for $5 that samples temperature every 2 seconds:


      Hopefully this feedback will help you explain your magick in the future, and design experiments that give clearer results. I’d thought about not saying any of this, but in the end, I think getting this feedback will probably help you, and I’d expect the same from a friend.

  5. f3n1x_hvn732 says:

    Ok it’s interesting. But I have some questions. From where you obtain the energy (magick energy)? Is a field created because of your metabolism? Is related with the brain activity? Is from a system?
    From where the system obtain the energy to do the magickal act?

    If there is “heat” then you can modify the speed of the particles in a certain material. So the “magick energy” is a physical energy or interacts with a physical energy. I´m a monist, so I belief that all is “material” in certain way or another.

    Also you can create structures in the water with magick energy. I can put “signatures” in the liquid water. It can be done first sending energy and then visualizing the new structure you want, and it stays for a long time (at least in my case).

    • Not sure if you’re asking me or Andrew.

      For me, in all these experiments, I made the energy in my body and sent it into the quartz / water / ice, which was in my hand. The same sort of energy you’d get from a basic energy meditation, like we give to beginners.

      In terms of putting signatures into liquid water, how do you know when water has a signature, or how long it stays? What testing have you done?

      • f3n1x_hvn732 says:

        Well my brother gave me a glass of water where I put a “signature”. Then he went to other room with that glass and filled two other equal glasses with water. Then he brought the tree glasses and I could identify correctly the one with the “signature”.

        • Neat test. I had to think about this one a bit, because it seems to be at odds with what I saw with the energy.

          Here’s my best guess, based on my understanding of how all the pieces work. (Though it is only a guess). I think this is based on connections, not energy like I was experimenting with: You made a connection when you visualized sending energy into the glass of water, maintained that connection, and recognized it when you touched it or looked at it.

          It’s my best guess because (1) the procedure you described could reasonably create a connection, (2) I didn’t see anything in the procedure that would break the connection, and (3) a connection like this would indeed last a long time and be fairly easy to notice.


      • f3n1x_hvn732 says:

        Also, about the energy, I was asking about the “origin” of that “magick energy” is obvious that is physical (or interact with the physical). If it was created at the time you thought about it, then… You created that energy in the moment your “mind” create it? So… Mind can create energy? Or can transform the surrounding energy (heat) in useful energy? (the opposite if thermodynamics, creating a anti-symmetry because remember heat is the average movement in the overall particles mostly because it tend to equilibrium “heat death”. Also the usual movement is from useful energy to heat, mind could do the opposite)

        • f3n1x_hvn732 says:

          It can be, I will experiment more.

          About the post of energy, a little misunderstanding… Is Temperature not Heat. But the same question arises, How the magick energy mess with temperature if is only “mental”?

  6. You ask “How the magick energy mess with temperature if is only “mental”?”

    I have 2 answers for you:

    First, I wouldn’t say magick energy is only mental. It has a real existence in the external world.

    Second, the mechanism by which magickal energy influences the physical world — whether that’s heat, cellular processes, or anything else — is a huge and complex question I’m currently trying to answer. (And probably will be for many more years).

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