How Mental Muscles Connect to Your Brain

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Mike asks:

How do mental muscles interface with the brain?

I have 3 answers for this: Short, medium, and needs-its-own-book. You’ll get the first two today.

Quick warning: This is all fairly technical. I wasn’t planning on talking about this yet, and haven’t really laid the groundwork to make it easy to follow. If you’re still working on finding your mental muscles, you might want to skip this post for now.

Short Answer

The short answer is: Thinking mind.

Yes, I know that’s a funny term. But it’s how the spirits that teach me refer to it, and I haven’t gotten around to a proper naming.

Think of thinking mind as the brain’s energy layer (although this isn’t quite correct). It connects to your brain, and it’s laid out to be easy to communicate with, both for spirits, and for ethereal software, and for mental muscles. Everyone’s brain is different, but everyone’s thinking mind is similar enough that you can find your way around it, even if you’ve never worked with that person before.

Mental muscles seem to know where in thinking mind they want to connect. Then, as you learn to use that mental muscles (that is, as you learn to do that sort of magick), you’re also learning how use your brain to send the right instructions to thinking mind, and how to listen for replies.

When you awaken mental muscles, it’s important to connect them to thinking mind. That’s what that previous post was about. In it, I simply said “mind,” instead of “thinking mind,” since I try to avoid specialized terminology when I can.

Medium Answer

The medium answer is: You should really see it for yourself. There’s only so much I can do with words. Real insight comes from watching it in action.

But to do that, you’ll need sensory connections. Which are somewhat advanced if you haven’t done them before. So, this isn’t so much a longer answer, as a more hands-on and advanced one.

But, assuming you’ve done all the exercises in that sensory connections series, here’s the basics of thinking mind:

Connect your head. You’ll notice two sets of signatures: One for the brain, another for thinking mind. Both have their own energy layer. If you trace the paths from each energy layer toward the physical cells (nerves, in this case), both sets of paths meet up at the first level below energy layer (which I call “state layer,” because I haven’t done a proper, metaphor-type naming there, either).

Each area of thinking mind is made of nerves that fire together, even if they’re not physically adjacent. If you trace the paths that connect thinking mind to the brain, you’ll find that one area of thinking mind often corresponds to many areas of the brain.

Certain effects should focus on thinking mind (ones dealing with information), while other effects should focus on the brain (ones dealing with the overall state of the mind, like fatigue or relaxation). In 2013, I’ll probably get more into the details of communication and mental effects. For now, see the series on consciousness integration for some tips on finding thinking mind.

Long Answer

How, exactly, does a thought travel from brain to thinking mind, and out to the mental muscle / spirit / ethereal software? That’s a long answer, and something you really can’t use until you’ve thoroughly learned all the aspects of sensory connections.

That series is from a year ago, and it drops you into advanced topics quickly. I’ll be covering sensory connections in a more thorough, easier-to-follow (hopefully) series coming up, and in the book, so that afterward, we can have better discussions about things like thinking mind.

Read the follow-up post with more on thinking mind.

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5 Responses to “How Mental Muscles Connect to Your Brain”

  1. mike says:

    My problem with sensory connections is I’m never sure if I’m simply imagining the connections or if they are real.

    I just tried to create a sensory connection to my brain and I quickly got a flashing image of my brain, and I know that isn’t correct for a sensory connection, but might be perfect for some sort of biological model of healing.

    Do you think that a totally biological non-magickal based healing model is the way to go. I always wondered if a person could ever gain complete control of their body to the point where they could kill cells and cause all sorts of biological phenomena.

    • I’ll be sure to talk about how to tell real sensory vs imagination. Thanks for telling me. Knowing the problems folks are facing will help me write a better guide.

      On self-healing: I haven’t seen anything that makes me believe that a person could gain the level of control over their body to cure normally-untreatable diseases. But I think we could potentially use biofeedback to reduce stress, maybe activate certain hormones to increase or decrease immune responses, and similar things. Basically, helping the body do what it normally does, by improving the amount or timing of the response. It’s not something I’d research myself, but if you want to research it, I’d love to read about it. (And feel free to leave a link if you do).

      Lisa, any thoughts on this? (She recently got her RN and loves reading the latest medical research, and knows roughly a million percent more about medicine than I do).

    • By the way, the simple answer for telling images vs sensory connections: Try to change what you see. Expect it to be something else. If it changes, it was your imagination. If not, it’s probably sensory connections. It’s not foolproof, and it wasn’t the first thing I came up with, but it’s a nice medium between easy-to-do and reliable. Does that help?

  2. mike says:

    Yes. That helps a lot! I’ve been practicing trying to change the image when doing sensory connections, and it has verified that some of what I’m seeing is real and a lot of what I’ve been seeing is wrong.

    When you make a sensory connection with your leg or any other body part, what exactly do you see?

    Even with quieting my energy, I fear that I’m simply projecting energy back and forth.

    • Awesome! I’m glad it’s working. Eventually, you’ll notice a certain feeling and mental posture that happens when you’re really sensing instead of imagining. Once that happens, you’ll be able to tell the difference without trying to shift the image. But the way you learn that feeling is by trying to shift the image, finding out when you’re really doing sensory, then learning how that feels.

      I’ll do a post over the next couple days about what I see when I connect to my knee, and what you should expect to see when you’re just starting out.

      Edit: That post is here

      On quieting your energy: Don’t feel bad. I messed that up with the quartz + magnet tests. It happens to everyone. The fact that it’s on your mind is a really good sign. I’ll think about how to learn it and write up something on quieting energy, hopefully in March.

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