Just What Is “Healing Energy”?

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There’s a lot more to energy healing than channeling energy. But when someone tells you they’re sending healing energy, what exactly are they doing? I mean, “Healing energy” doesn’t explain how healing works any more than “Healing medicine” tells the pharmacy what to give you.

This is going to be a bit of speculation — most of what I’m saying in this post, I’d need to collaborate with researchers to verify. Nothing I’m saying is a promise to deliver particular results. That said, let’s discuss my best guess on what’s going on.

Energy healing is complex, and there may be things I’ve missed. But in my experience, healing energy (like Reiki) seems to do three things:

  • Numbs nerves, making you feel better quickly.
  • Slightly accelerates cellular growth, which helps speed recovery for many (but not all) problems.
  • Balances the person’s overall energy. (See note at bottom.)

I think of healing energy like ibuprofen: Got a bruise, cut or general inflammation? Bring on the healing energy. Got a cold? Balancing your energy may help. General fatigue? Sure.

But what about epilepsy? None of those effects seems like the right approach.

Auto-immune diseases, like chronic hives? It might help with today’s outbreak, but I’d want something more intricate to help with the underlying problem.

Ibuprofen is great for many things. And generic healing energy is great for many things, too. But there are lots of things it’s not great for. And increasing the amount of energy doesn’t help, any more than taking a triple dose of Tylenol will help with hives.

I don’t have the answers for most of those problems, either. But I can tell you this: The answer’s not in getting better at channeling energy. It’s in creating a better technique based on a knowledge of modern medicine.

Balances Their Energy?

This part was too technical for the main post, but it’s important to explain. “Balances their energy” is a lot like saying “healing energy”: It sounds good, but it doesn’t really add to your understanding.

Here’s the gist: Your cells seem to respond to the energy around them. That’s the whole basis of energy healing. But beyond responding to healing energy, your cells also respond to energy made by other parts of your body.

If something is dramatically wrong with one part of your body, it will produce energy that interferes with the energy around other cells in your body. That’s what “unbalanced” means, most of the time. I wouldn’t expect unbalanced energy to cause serious problems, but I could totally see it making you feel tired, slightly nauseous, or other mild conditions.

When the healer balances your energy, they drain off the energy from that unhealthy tissue and replace it with energy like healthy tissue makes. You feel better, because the unhealthy energy is no longer disturbing the other parts of your body. But it only lasts until the unhealthy tissue builds more unhealthy energy.

I’m all for energy balancing if it helps people feel better. But we need to remember the difference between feeling better and genuine, deep healing.

Update: Lisa found some randomized controlled medical research that provide evidence that energy healing is good at reducing pain short-term, but not at reducing pain long-term or healing serious underlying conditions, which is basically what I’m saying in this post.

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14 Responses to “Just What Is “Healing Energy”?”

  1. Yoseqlo says:

    The healing energy is different of the magick::energy?

    As you said have different task than the magick energy one.

    If its different, where it come from? You got it from an ethereal software or its a transduction of magick energy transforming?

  2. Yoseqlo says:

    You copy the signature of the healing energy to align your magick::energy to be the same?

    How you found out the “healing energy”? You recognize it after working with the energy of a “healing software”?

    Forgive if are many questions, sometimes I’m pretty curious.

    • No worries. If you aren’t familiar with traditional energy healing styles (Reiki, healing touch, etc), you won’t be familiar with these terms. Just a reminder to me to write an intro for people with no energy healing background.

      Short answer is, if you go to an energy healer (Reiki, healing touch, etc), they’ll talk about sending you “healing energy.” I’m just using their term.

      In general, they will channel energy from ethereal software. So, by default, you can assume “healing energy” comes from ethereal software. But you can also build energy with that signature yourself, if you like.

      One thing to remember (which is the point of this post): Healing energy doesn’t heal everything. It’s a misnomer from energy healers. From the healing styles I’ve worked with and seen, it does the 3 things described in this post. Which helps with some conditions, but not others. So I wouldn’t put a lot of time into learning to make healing energy. It’s more important to learn sensory connections, learn to recognize different injuries in different types of tissues, and learn to figure out what signatures will help those conditions.

      How do you do that? That’s at least a series, probably a book.

  3. f3n1x_hvn732 says:

    A question. Why you not go to Randi’s prize? You say you can cure with certainty, then you could represent all energy healers by doing that in the challenge of that “magician”. (I hate that guy Randi with all my soul, mind, body and spirit…)

  4. Ananael Qaa says:

    Another point on Randi – after a subject came close to passing the test, he proceeded to update his procedures that only psychics with “media presence” would be accepted. In other words, he’s now only willing to test prominent professional psychics. My cynical take is that anybody whose livelihood depends on being psychic is a lot more likely to fake it, at least some of the time. Also, they have a lot to lose by failing the test. I’m not sure how many applicants have come forward recently, but I’m sure it’s down a lot from the days when he was taking anybody who was willing to sign the paperwork and provide a testimonial.

    As far as healing energy goes, the Chinese have been doing scientific research on Qigong for decades and have found that Qigong masters can “emit” infrasonic waves from their hands at much greater intensity than untrained individuals. They’ve also found that exposing living things to the particular frequency (around 8 Hz) seems to contribute to cellular healing. Whether or not that’s the whole mechanism behind it is hard to say, but it seems to me that it’s probably at least part of the puzzle.

  5. Mike says:

    Have you gotten into diagnosing illness? How would something like that work?

    • I wouldn’t call what I do diagnosis. I notice different signatures in tissues, and it gives me an idea of what’s going on. Enough to start the healing. But to learn diagnosis, I’d need to work with a lot of people who’ve had proper medical diagnoses, so I can learn how different conditions look in terms of signatures.

      And even then, there’s a lot of liability and legal considerations if you’re going to diagnose anything. So probably not something I’ll pursue anytime soon.

  6. Lisa says:

    I read a systematic review of sixty six biofield studies. The authors concluded that biofield energy is effective at reducing
    pain of cancer patients. The review includes randomized control trial studies.

    You can read the full article:
    Int. J. Behav. Med. (2010) 17:1–16
    DOI 10.1007/s12529-009-9062-4

    “Results from this evidence based
    synthesis suggest strong evidence for effects of
    biofield therapies in decreasing pain intensity in pain
    populations, moderate evidence for reducing pain in
    hospitalized populations, and moderate evidence in reducing
    pain in cancer populations. There is also moderate
    evidence for biofield therapies to help reduce negative
    behaviors associated with dementia and moderate evidence
    for decreasing anxiety in hospitalized populations. Limited
    findings on biofield therapies for quality of life in pain
    patients are promising. Findings in other domains (e.g.,
    comprehensive pain outcomes, fatigue and quality of life in
    cancer patients, and anxiety in cardiovascular populations)
    are equivocal and generally reflect a paucity of studies that
    have examined these outcomes. In addition, there is little
    data available to evaluate the impact of biofield interventions
    on acute physiology related to the relaxation response,
    as well as insufficient data to evaluate the impact of biofield
    therapies on other populations (i.e., mood disorders,
    substance abuse, pediatric populations).”

    • Thanks Lisa. So it sounds like the research are in line with what I’m saying here: The energy healing evaluated (most likely Healing Touch, done by RNs) is effective at temporarily reducing pain and possibly other symptoms, but is generally not effective at addressing the kind of serious conditions people go to hospitals for. Is that your interpretation of the research?

      Edit: Talking to Lisa, yes, this is what it found: Short-term pain reduction, not long-term pain reduction or long-term alteration of symptoms.

  7. Winyan Staz Wakien says:

    Yogas call the energy used to heal “Prana”. Oriental medicine calls it “Chi”.
    Prana is seen by a Seer as tiny golden pink & slightly flattened bubbles of energy/light. They look a lot like a cough drop in their shape.
    Kirilan Photography can film these bubbles.
    Prana is the building blocks of the universal mind and is in everything. Prana is in its loosest form in the air but we take energy/prana in by means of the 4-ways of energy.
    From the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat and every single time we sleep deeply, we travel the inner-planes/demensions all the way back to Pure Spirit and re-charge our Spiritual Energy with Prana as well.
    Without any one of the 4-ways of energy..we will die to the physical plane.
    It is the power of the mind being held on one-point/Intent that focuses this energy and it is released through the energy centers located on the palms of the hands (also the soles of the feet) or can be sent directly from the mind.
    As energy beings/souls..we ourselves cannot be destroyed as energy cannot be destroyed, We only change form.
    Peace to you and yours…

    • Hi Winyan, welcome to the site. Thanks for writing.

      Now, I’m going to ask you what I ask everyone when they explain how magick works: What have you seen that makes you think those things are true?

      What techniques does this knowledge of “traveling the planes with every breath” let you do?

      What experiments have you done with removing / limiting someone’s energy that leads you to believe they will die? (Hopefully on cell cultures or rats, not people.)

      What specific techniques do you have dealing with the energy centers located in the palms of the hand, and what testing have you done with them to be sure they are there, and not somewhere else?

      I know, you’ve probably never had anyone ask you that before. Don’t worry, and don’t feel like you have to answer those all at once. My goal is just to get you exploring what you know vs what you think you know, and doing some testing yourself.

      Welcome to the site.

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