Magick to Win at Gambling

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A reader emailed about magick to help him win at slots. My answer gets into how manifesting works, and I thought it might be useful for you, too.

First, this type of magick is called “manifesting,” which means “magick for predicting or influencing events.”

Some people think manifesting works by influencing random events. And slot machines seem random. So they would use manifesting to influence the slot machine to pay out.

Problem is, most events we call “random,” really aren’t. Slot machines, for example, look random, but every pull is determined by a secret number stored in a computer inside the machine. To change the next pull, you’d have to change that number, which means changing the electricity stored in transistors, which is… hard.

Even coin flips aren’t random. They’re governed by basic physics. It’s just that we can’t eyeball the velocity well enough to calculate the result. But there’s a big difference between unknown and genuinely random.

In my experience, manifesting works by influencing decisions. Mostly your own decisions, sometimes the decisions of other people. So, you should do manifesting before making important decisions.

What’s the most important decision in slots? Which machine you play. Do your manifesting when you first walk into the casino, so it can guide you to the right machine. And use manifesting to know when to go home, so you quit while you’re ahead.

But don’t walk up to a machine, then try to manifest it into paying out. Because then you’re up against a computer, and there’s not much manifesting can do.

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17 Responses to “Magick to Win at Gambling”

  1. f3n1x_hvn732 says:

    I think is true what you say, but it feels different when using your will (magick:energy + “mental muscle”) that when using precognition. It feels different, though is true that is difficult when trying to alter reality directly. I have an hypothesis, based on my own experience.

    The “magickal realm” permits, through connections, the modification of signatures in the “astral realm”. Which a kind of uni-dimensional or two dimensional shadow of our six dimensional world (three of space-three of time, or four dimensional at least three of space one on time in our timeline), but with the difference that modifications in the “shadows” modify the overall structure in al the dimensions.

    • Yeah, doing magick without ethereal software definitely feels different than doing it with. Without ethereal software, you’re aware of all the steps involved in causing the change in the world. With ethereal software, you’re only aware of your goal, and sending out that intent. Definitely a different feel.

  2. Kol Drake says:

    heh.. back in the day –I got pretty good at rolling specific number combinations playing the old Dungeons & Dragons game (and later AD&D)… used to royally piss the Game Master off.

    But, even then, it was not 100% and nowhere a ‘sure thing’ — which one would need when messing with a one armed bandit (slot machine).

    If nothing else, go to the roulette table and ‘influence’ the ball into the specific color — or harder yet, the specific number — each time.

    • I’ve thought about this, too. I haven’t done rigorous testing, but I’ve heard of folks who say they can influence a die or a coin. If this is legit (and not a case of remembering successes and ignoring failures), I’d guess that manifesting is influencing tiny decisions you make in your toss, like how hard to throw. Which would apply to roulette, also, but not slots (which are computer-based).

      While we’re on it, to test “influencing micro-decisions” vs “influencing the actual die / coin,” the best option seems to be to throw the die high up, then manifest while it’s in the air. Would be fun to test sometime, both seeing about influencing a die toss at all, then seeing about differences pre- and post-throw.

  3. Kat says:

    Hey Mike,

    First, I want to say that that your website is a pool of tasty, superior water in a sea of mediocrity. Most websites and blogs on this subject are filled with such drivel that I’ve wondered if there was anyone else out there who even mildly understood all this stuff, but turns out, I found something good here.

    As someone who’s done some hardcore, rigorous testing on this subject for over a year, and has been doing “magick” and all its forms for a long, long time, I can tell, from my own personal experience and the many journals I’ve written, that what has worked best for me in these situations is to simply predict what’s going to happen, not actually “manifesting” it.

    One example is greyhound racing. Through my testing, without understanding a damn thing about greyhounds, I could win about 80% of the time using pure psychic prediction. It has never become a sure-fire thing, but it clearly makes a profit and completely beats the odds.

    I find that predicting things is a much more gentle way of winning at gambling. Of course it took me like 3 months of meditating everyday to activate the nodes in my brain that can actually connect with that information, but when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

    When I used to try to manifest for a specific greyhound to win, or for a specific number to come up in some form of gambling… it would sometimes work, and especially to roll dice it can work well, but just sitting down, closing your eyes and receiving the winning combination/number/greyhound/whatever is much, much more effective.

    • Wow, Kat, thank you for the kind words. I’m honored.

      What you describe is actually what I do most of the time, too. Just ask for information. “What should I do” or “What will happen if I do X.” I’ve always felt that someday, when I learn manifesting thoroughly, I’ll learn to request events properly. And I probably will, because I can imagine it being useful on occasion. But it’s nice to know that someone doing rigorous testing has found that just asking for events is the way to go in most situations.

      On the 3 months to activate the brain nodes: That sounds like some work I’ve done preparing my mind for communication. It involves preparing parts of your mind so they’re accustomed to the energy signature of the ethereal software sending the information, then either having the ethereal software make lasting connections, or making your own lasting connections for various ethereal softwares to follow. I discuss parts of the technique in these two posts:

      I’d like to know your thoughts. They’re techniques I’ve had success with, but not a field I’ve thoroughly explored, so there are probably improvements to be made. Could you share more details about your 3 months of meditation?

      And as you say, until a mage goes through that setup, it’s hard to read the information from the ethereal software. Which is probably related to the popularity of requesting events, rather than requesting information.

      And welcome to my blog. Thanks for reading.

  4. mike says:

    Is this similar to using your higher self? I use to study the Silva Method and one of their ‘rogue’ instructors taught a technique using alpha waves to contact your higher self. He told stories about how he would access his higher self for making business deals.

    • Short answer is: I don’t know. It’s really hard for me to tell what people are actually doing based only on their description of what they think about when they do it.

      Higher self might be connecting to manifesting ethereal software. Or it might be working with a spirit without realizing it’s a spirit. Or it might be something like HGA, which I know very little about.

      Different practitioners may mean different things by “higher self.” One may use ethereal software, another a spirit, and they might not even realize it.

      But here’s the great part about direct magick: We’re all explorers, and you’re going to tell me. Not today, probably, but as you learn sensory connections and other aspects of direct magick, you’ll be able to figure out what you and your friends are actually doing. And when you do, let us know, because I’m curious.

  5. Kat says:


    I read your articles Mike, and although I disagree that you can massively improve your psychic abilities in just 30 minutes, I very, very much agree and love the lesson you teach of preparing the mind — this is, indeed, a basic fundamental that should be taught everywhere.

    In those 3 months I did a lot of stuff…, it would be a really long post if I described every last thing, but sometimes I would visualize all my energy centers and I would feel and see the top ones opening up really wide. Sometimes I would send energy into my brain so that it could receive the information better.

    A lot of times I would just do simple affirmations every night, such as “My brain can receive psychic information with greater clarity, exactness, accuracy and precision than before.” I felt that the words weren’t as important as was the overall resonance: A frequency of precision; or shall we say, a genuine feeling that your brain was receiving things with more and more precision.

    I should mention that I practiced everyday in some form of gambling or another. I think that, in fact, this is one of the prime ways for someone to develop their psychic abilities, because there are absolutely no excuses.

    If you got it right multiple times, you’re doing things right. But if you got it wrong, and you received information that you thought was right, then you are interpreting things wrong, and you need to practice more.

    There are no excuses you can make. You either get it right, or you don’t.

    I tried a lot of methods of prediction: Receiving the information through images in your mind’s eye; receiving the information as words in your head; using my fingers and running across numbers 1-12 that I wrote on several different papers and requesting that I receive an energy shock when my finger is above the right number; trying to manipulate an Internet random number generator to give me the right answers; letting my hands type by themselves and write the answer now; etc, etc.

    Mind you, I’m not perfect. Like I said, I don’t have 100% accuracy. I’m still practicing just like everyone else, but I’ve had such supernatural experiences with what is basically predicting the future that it has completely changed the way I view life and the universe.

    • On improving psychic results: Yeah, I probably wrote that as I was finding my writing style, before I really figured out how to promise benefits accurately.

      What you can do in 30 minutes: If you already get psychic intuitions, you can improve and enlarge the part of your mind set up to receive them. I’ve done this with 3 people, all of them reported it was much easier to understand the messages, though we didn’t do rigorous testing. So I do stand by a 30-minutes improvement.

      But, if you don’t get psychic intuitions yet, then it would take longer. I recently helped Lisa set her mind up to receive words consciously, instead of receiving intuitions that take a while to filter into her conscious mind. Setting up the all new areas takes a couple of weeks, and sounds more in line with what you did in the 30 days.

      And I really like the idea of using gambling to test intuitions. I may borrow that :) Thanks for writing.

  6. mike says:

    I’m practicing with flipping a coin. I’m trying to predict what side it lands on by mentally asking myself, heads-tails. If the sparkly energetic head pulse thingy powers up when I ask heads, I throw the coin and guess that it will land on heads.. vice versa.

    It hasn’t worked that great. I’m recording my results as I experiment. So far I have been right 50% of the time 15 out of 30 throws, which is to be expected when throwing a coin — only two choices!

    • Well, let me say, bravo for testing it. I know how difficult it is to make yourself perform a rigorous test, because it’s pleasant to think you can do something, and unpleasant to find out it’s not working yet. Good job.

      I’ll have more to say on connecting with the right ethereal software and setting your mind up in the coming months. Hopefully that will help.

      Until then, any of the psychics on here have any tips for Mike?

  7. mike says:

    I actually came into it without any sort of belief as to what is possible. It does get a bit tiring flipping a coin over and over. I actually changed the way I was trying to manipulate the coin. I started out trying to receive some sort of intuition -to- making a primary sensory connection, and other minor energetic connections with various energy centers of my body. I also stayed in a specific mental posture.

    My results:

    100 tosses = 52% correct guess rate – This experiment was me trying to receive an intuition that would let me know which side of the coin would land on the table.

    *The following results were completed doing a total of 90 tosses broken into sets of 10, so I performed 9 sets of 10 tosses. The method was the sensory connection and energetic connection method I explained above.

    9 sets * 10 tosses (90 tosses) = 65.5% correct guess rate.

    Total of all tosses is 64.2% correct guess rate.

    *This experiment is obviously inconclusive because of the sample size. I would need a larger sample size of tosses and stricter procedures before I can claim the magicks are real!

    Any success at this point can be explained away as me experiencing the upside of variance. Much like how bad players temporarily win at poker only to lose their money in the long run!

    I am a bit encourage by the results and will add this to my practice. “Do the drills to get the skills.”

  8. mike says:

    I forgot to add that on the second round of testing, I purposely tried to make the coin land on the ‘heads’ side on every toss.

  9. Yoseqlo says:

    Like Mike Sententia said, maybe it’s better to use a software to predict than try to influence the coin, or at least try to affect the physics conditions around the coin with the magick energy… that’s what I think…

    For the number of times 90 tosses isn’t bad at all, and now you have a % that you can compare, you don’t need a larger number of tosses, but I suppose you can do another 90 tosses without doing anything to it to have a more objective count.
    If you got a % above of it you are doing something fine.

  10. mike says:

    Yoseqlo I took your advice and created sort of a control group where I randomly tossed a coin 100 times without attempting to influence the outcome. The results of this was 54% Tails 46% Heads.

    Over the long run we know a coin toss is 50/50. I don’t believe that any other control tosses are needed, but more testing on various ways to manipulate the outcome, and testing predictive techniques — using ethereal software, using HGA, higher self, and various “vibes”.

    If I can maintain a guess rate and manipulative toss rate of 60% or higher over a large sample size — I’ll label it magick.

    I was wrong above in calling my 2nd experiment results as “guess rate” because I wasn’t guessing or trying to predict the outcome, instead I was attempting manipulate the coin in various ways to make it constantly land on heads.

    Imagine if we could have a 64% winning rate in sports betting!

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