My Favorite Blog on Rationality

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One of the hardest things in exploring how magick actually works is remembering the difference between “This is what I believe now” and “This is what I’m certain is true.” Keeping those straight, and a bunch of similar skills, makes up the art of rationality.

Less Wrong is one of my favorite blogs. It’s devoted to rationality, not magick, but a lot of ideas carry over. The scoping idea (magick::energy) came from there, for example.

Yesterday, I read this post on using curiosity as a tool. It’s a great introduction to Less Wrong, and has some useful ideas and exercises. I also recommend Mysterious Answers to Mysterious Questions, a series about telling real answers from fake ones, which is one of the most important skills for studying magick.

Sorry for not having more to say today. But those links should give you plenty of Sunday reading :)

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