Never Put Off Till Tomorrow…

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Famous Thomas Jefferson quote: “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

I used to try for that. Squeeze another practice session in, another experiment.

For non-magickal work, where you sleep a full night and wake up rested, it’s probably good advice.

But magick takes more out of you, especially if you’re learning new skills using new mental muscles. After a few days doing as much as I possibly can, I slow down noticeably. If I keep pushing, I shut down and have to rest.

I never took rigorous data on it. There’s so much natural variation in how much I can accomplish any one day, that the data would be hard to use anyway. But I’m pretty sure I accomplish more by working until I’m tired, but not exhausted, so that I’m fully recovered each morning.

One exception to this: If you’re going to be caught up in something non-magickal for a while, like a work project, you can exhaust yourself the day before, then use the work time to recover magickally. You won’t be as sharp for the work project, though, so up to you if it’s a good tradeoff.

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2 Responses to “Never Put Off Till Tomorrow…”

  1. Actually I think its just bad advice period. It’s workaholic advice. It’s better to approach any project (magical or non) at a pace that’s realistic, instead of trying to get it done all at once. There’s always going to be something you need to do and you’ll never get it all done, so don’t stress about it.

  2. mike says:

    I think it’s good advice for work projects because most people procrastinate and put things off. One of my goals is to master time management so that I can get more things done. Eventually all of my work will become automated and outsourced.

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