The Real Reason for Direct Magick

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They say that, at Toyota, there are seven “whys.” You keep asking why until you get to what really matters.

Why have large pistons? So you get lots of horsepower. While lots of horsepower? So you can go fast. Why go fast? So you can get to the airport on time. Then, they make their ad about getting to the airport on time, and at the end of it, tell you about the horsepower. It solves a problem, so it resonates in a way that just talking about horsepower wouldn’t.

In this series, I asked, “Why consciously step through your magick?” Answer: So you can develop better techniques.

But, Why? Obviously, it’s better to have better techniques, but what’s the big idea behind that? If your goal is results in the physical world, why study magick, rather than biomedical research?

So, my answer to that Why: To build magick into a mature, respected field. That’s what it’s really about.

Understanding how magick works — all the way from your visualization through the forces it invokes to the physical change in the world — is part of that. Developing results on par with modern science is part of that, too.

But the real motivation, and the goal I hope everyone can agree on (even if we don’t agree on the way to get there), is building magick into a mature, respected field.

Now, to package up these couple thousand words, spread over four posts, into a three paragraph front page and a one sentence tagline.

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2 Responses to “The Real Reason for Direct Magick”

  1. Dark Arckana says:

    I agree with what your saying, however I would also like to add that the reason for wanting to make Magik into a respectable field is because of the versatility that Magik has to offer. It allows us to solve problems of absolutely any kind, using only our minds and bodies. It also develops awareness, which make people less likely to succumb to vices. Furthermore, it is the study of reality itself. I can pick up any good book, whether its a book on DIY Mechanic, Woodworking, Drawing or even Baking Cakes and find some sort of Magikal value in it. Taylor Ellwood proves Magik’s versatility time-and-time again with each new system of Magik he publishes.

    • I’m glad you’re so excited about magick. One of the things to keep in mind, though, is making sure to ground each benefit in a case study (or other research). I wouldn’t say magick can solve every problem, any more than I would say physics or biology or chemistry can. And Crowley’s life isn’t exactly a case study in resisting vices. But I love the enthusiasm, and I hope you’ll continue to explore what we can do with magick.

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