Visualizing Curing Cancer Doesn’t Cure Cancer

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Just beause you visualize it, doesn’t make it so.

If I visualize a friend’s cancer evaporating, that may create some magick that helps them feel better. But it doesn’t mean their cancer evaporates, or otherwise goes away.

If I explain the magick as “It evaporates cancer,” that’s a huge over-promise. And it shuts down discussion about what the magick actually does, because now we’re focused on that over-promise. It shuts down proper research.

But I see this all the time. In books on chaos magick (Phil Hine, I think), he talks about magick that goes back in time. Not “I visualize changing the past as a way to communicate my desire to my unconscious,” but magick that actually goes back in time. No testing, no real evidence, just “This is what I visualized, so this must be what happens.” In his defense, his book is about temporarily adopting beliefs, so maybe he was temporarily adopting an unrealistic belief, but it’s hard to tell. In the end, readers start talking that way, too.

To be taken seriously, we need to speak clearly, and match our promises to our results. Which means keeping clear on what visualization does, and doesn’t do.

Visualization asks for something to happen. Specifically, it asks your unconscious mental muscles, which interpret the request as best they can (perhaps symbolically), and do their best to make it happen. That’s very different than actually making the thing you visualized happen.

Understanding this distinction — between what you visualized and what you actually get — is probably the most important step to exploring how magick actually works.

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6 Responses to “Visualizing Curing Cancer Doesn’t Cure Cancer”

  1. Dark Arckana says:

    Preventing cancer with magik is easy as heck. All you have to do is use your Magikal power to access your biophotonic energy instead of you Magikal power and use it to make your cells conscious of themselves. Then you can take care of any free-radical problems or even have the cell understand that it’s part of a bigger picture and choose to die rather than usurp another cell. You could even have them regenerate the missing components back so they don’t need to do either.

    • This is a great illustration of my point. All of those things make great visualizations for communicating the idea of “Prevent cancer,” but I doubt any of them are actually happening.

      Talking about how easily you can cure / prevent cancer, without any actual data, makes your magick lose credibility.

  2. mike says:

    We need a magick lab where we do animal testing with our magick to find out what really works and what is just wishful BS. I see too many of that think it better type of new age advice.

  3. Dark Arckana says:

    Mike, I appreciate the input and you’re correct. However, if you know anything about the way I approach Magik, I am staunchly opposed to visualization, although I do use the word sometimes to prevent having to explain this. In fact, I believe that it’s actually a blockade in Magikal development. I work by using Magik to manipulate matter in some way. I call it “Magikal Action”. It’s like walking vs. visualizing yourself walking. In other words, while they do indeed make great visualizations, I’m not using visualizations. I’m moving my Magikal power in a manner and applying effects to it to produce these results. There is a physical force acting on my body from the inside-out.

    • Dark, I have to be honest with you on this one. Anyone who has been in the world of magick for a while has met people who claim extraordinary powers, but can’t back them up. I’m not saying that’s happening here, but you gotta realize how it looks.

      When you make claims like this, it has to come with at least a story. We might not believe you can cure cancer, but at least we’ll know why you believe it. Just flatly claiming that you can cure cancer, though, sounds more like bragging than research.

      I love the passion. I’m just worried that the way you talk about your magick will make you lose credibility, so people never get to hear the things you’re actually doing.

      • Dark Arckana says:

        I must be honest, I didn’t want to reveal my technique, but here it goes. I use the Magikal muscles to get in touch with my biophotons and make my cells self-aware of the fact that they are part of a greater whole. In the event a cell becomes cancerous, it chooses to die rather than attempt to latch on to another cell and drain oxygen from another cell. In the event of something like Melanoma, I simply biophotons to add the quality of DNA self-repair to the melanocytes by triggering naturopathic functions such Reiki.

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