What Genuinely Amazing Magick Looks Like

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In this series, I’m figuring out my reasons behind direct magick. You’ll get to see my thought process. If you want a polished 3-paragraph answer, come back in a week.

It’s hard to compare magick results — where we’re amazed by any result at all — to everyday amazing results we take for granted, like antibiotics, computers and airplanes.

So let’s look at a not-yet-everyday amazement:

In 1969, physicists put a man on the moon. One of the pinnacles of a mature science, and truly amazing in its own right. But also, one one we’re not numb to, because it’s not an everyday event.

Watch the video. Feel that amazement. That’s what I want out of magick: Results that aren’t just amazing because they work at all, but genuinely amazing in their own right.

But what does that mean? And how can I speculate about amazing results without over-promising, or sounding like a fluffy new-ager going on about how magick can solve every problem everywhere ever?

My answer, at least today, is to start with results I’m getting now, and extrapolate 10 or 20 or 50 years. Something I think I could accomplish in my career, though some of these will probably turn out to be too hard, and I doubt I’ll be able to tackle all of them any time soon.

To put that time frame in perspective, I’ve been studying magick for 20 years, met my first mentor in 2002, and started energy healing in late 2006. Most of the techniques I write about were developed in a day to a month. So a decade of dedicated research is a lot of time for improvement.

What might that result in? This is speculative, but here are a few possibilities:

Healing techniques for autoimmune diseases: Hives is an autoimmune disease. The person’s own immune system attacks their body. In a month, I worked out healing techniques, and Lisa went from “Miserable and can’t focus” to “Moderately itchy but functional.” I still have to generalize it to other clients, but that’s a matter of debugging, and seems imminently doable.

Big picture: Autoimmune diseases are crippling. Multiple sclerosis is the best-known, but lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are also common. They all function in basically the same way as hives. Maybe the healing techniques would generalize too.

Nerve damage: I’ve had two friends with spinal injuries that caused numbness and lack of mobility in the legs. One required a walker. After a healing session focusing on their nerves, both reported restored feeling and mobility. The healing technique didn’t attempt to work with the disk pressing on their spines, so the improvements weren’t permanent (it lasted 24 hours for the one with the walker, and a week or so for the other one, though she can refresh the healing energy herself now). But it shows tremendous promise, especially for people who have had surgery to remove the underlying cause of that damage.

Big picture: Nerve damage is one of the most common causes of paralysis. And if these techniques generalize from the spine to the brain, they may be able to help with brain injuries, too.

Communication – Insight: When I communicate with a spirit, I receive its concepts, as they exist in its mind. Most of the time, that concepts maps easily to a word or phrase. But sometimes, it’s a foreign concept, something I’ve never thought or heard before. Simply reading that concept into my thoughts teaches me about them and how they think.

Big picture: If we could do this reliably with other people, we could more fully stand in one another’s shoes. That’s a different sort of amazing the medical cures, but understanding your fellow man is still properly amazing.

Communication – Mind reading: When a mage channels a spirit, the spirit reads his thoughts, and writes its response into his mind. A mage can learn to do that, too, so other mages can channel them. I’m halfway there: I package my thoughts in a way that’s easy for the spirits to read in, and can receive those packaged thoughts, too. It makes it easier for spirits to talk to me, particularly spirits that don’t work with humans much and don’t know how to read and write our minds.

Big Picture: Being channeled would be cool, but only useful for situations where you can’t email. It would let spirits introduce me to other mages, but that’s about it. But with a few more improvements, reading thoughts a mage intends you to pick up could generalize into simply reading thoughts. Which would be incredibly useful.

Consciousness integration: You’re familiar with having different desires and unconscious worries in your mind, some from childhood and not adjusted to the adult world? In 2010, I developed a technique to connect those parts of your mind to your conscious mind. Once connected, the parts of your mind will talk, the unconscious part will update itself to the adult world, and you stop having those nagging fears and worries. It’s like a year of personal growth in a weekend. I call it the “technology of enlightenment.”

Big picture: This one actually isn’t extrapolating much. I’ve done it on myself, and done it a bit for Lisa, so I know the technique generalizes to others. I just haven’t figured out how to market it, and it’s too advanced to teach on this blog anytime soon. But maybe this is something I should return to.

I’ve also had success with relieving nerve pain, long-term results on joint pain in Lisa’s knees and my knuckles (write-up on that coming), healing techniques for colds in a way that could generalize to drug-resistant infections, and relieving cramping when I passed a kidney stone. And I didn’t even touch on manifesting, since influencing events is so much harder to extrapolate.

I don’t expect to do all these things in 10 years, or even 50. And some are probably infeasible.

But hopefully, I’ve sketched out what I mean by “genuinely amazing magick,” and shown you stretch goals I think are reasonably possible, instead of the over-promising that marketers are known for or the un-grounded hopes of fluffy new agers.


So, that’s my Why of direct magick: To make magick that’s genuinely amazing, not “amazing that it works at all.” I still have to figure out how to put that into a few paragraphs on my front page, and sum it up in one sentence for the tagline (in the header). But that’s where I am.

I’d love to know what you think.

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