3 Ways to Improve Your Healing Techniques

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WSA, a licensed acupuncturist and Reiki healer, told me by email:

Energy can be much more specifically directed with acupuncture needles and pine needles [than by standard hand-directed Reiki].

Which made me realize that I haven’t discussed the three types of precision in energy healing, and how they can help you get better results.

Why Precision Matters in Energy Healing

More precision gets you better results. It’s really that simple. Applying more energy improves your results, too, to a point. But precision is really the key to immediate, obvious results. And as you’ll see, there’s a lot more to precision than focusing the energy in the right spot.

When you are precise, you can get good results with very little energy. When you’re not precise, you can only get limited results, even with a ton of energy.

In general, I’d rather be somewhat-precise in all three ways, rather than really precise in one while ignoring the others.

Way 1: Target the Right Cells

Which physical cells receive the healing energy? Do you get everything in the area, or just the injured cells? Does applying healing energy to a knee affect the entire knee, or just the meniscus?

This isn’t something I normally think about, because I always do it. All my healing techniques start by using sensory connections to identify the injured tissue, to figure out the right type of energy for the healing technique. The side-effect is, my healing technique only hits the injured tissues. And so, since this isn’t something I think about doing or not doing, it’s not something I’ve talked about.

But, from WSA’s email, it sounds like many energy healing styles simply target a large portion of the body. That they have to make a conscious decision to be precise this time.

Sending energy through a large area has two results. First, obviously, you’re wasting energy. But that isn’t really a big deal.

The big deal is, if you’re affecting both injured and uninjured tissue, both skin, muscle, tendons, and everything else, you can only apply energies that are healthy for all those tissues. Which is fine for basic healing techniques, but will cause problems if you want to do something more involved. (See next section.)

Incidentally, I haven’t tried needles for this targeting, but I’m going to see about picking some up to experiment on myself. Look for those posts later this year.

Way 2: A Precise Energy Signature

The signature is the type of energy. An energy’s signature determines the effect it will have on the tissue it interacts with. You can affect the same cells with two different energies, and produce two different results.

Example: When I worked with Lisa’s hives, I first used energy intended to inhibit her nerves from sending the itch signal. Later, I used a different energy on those same nerves intended to increase the rate of neurotransmitter reuptake. Same cells, different energy signature.

Applying the wrong energy signature creates a shift in the wrong direction. It’s not a matter of efficiency, it’s a matter of helping vs harming.

What about healing systems with only one kind of energy, “healing energy“? In that case, it’s probably using an energy intended to promote cellular growth and numb pain a bit, which is at least somewhat helpful in most situations. (That’s just a guess though — I’d need to work with researchers to verify this.)

But that generality comes with a cost: Promoting cellular growth and numbing pain won’t help a lot of problems. With more flexibility and ability to precisely control the energy signature, you can help people who have more complex conditions.

Targeting the right tissue is a prerequisite for precise energy signatures. The same signature will do different things to different cells. What would be the result? Depends on the particular signature, and how strongly you applied it, though by the time you can really hurt anyone, you should have the precision to know what tissue will receive your energy.

Way 3: Going Deeper in the Path from Energy to Cells

This is something I haven’t talked about much, since it’s more advanced than sensory connections, and I don’t think anyone has learned those yet. But it’s something I use in every healing technique, and I want to mention it so you know where you’re going.

There are a bunch of steps to the path between energy and physical cells. Normally, power flows up* the path, originating with the cells and flowing to the energy layer. When you apply energy healing, you’re sending energy down that path, and hoping it gets to the cells.

*When I visualize this, the energy is at the top, the cells are at the bottom, and “up” means moving away from the cells. But it’s just my visualization. There’s no actual up or down here.

Which it does. Sometimes. As long as the signature isn’t too different from where the cells are right now. And as long as you apply it for long enough. And a bunch of other things.

Think of the path as a stiff rope, or a pipe cleaner. You shift the signature of the energy at the top, and that applies some pressure to the cells at the bottom. But the path itself is flexible, and absorbs a lot of the shift. You’re pushing a stiff rope, not a broomstick.

So, the farther down the path you go (toward cells), the less give the path has, and the more precisely it will transmit your new signature. Which is the key to making large changes to the behavior of the cells. Which, in turn again, is the key to dramatic healing results.

If you’ve been following my posts on enlightenment: I’m sure you could develop some energy-level techniques to hurt people, but if you’re only applying energy, you can’t cause overly-large changes to a cell’s signature, which means it’s hard to cause too much damage. But once you’re a few steps closer to cells, you can easily cause large signature shifts, beyond what the cells can tolerate. So, what I’m really looking for is an energy-level way to cause enlightenment.


I discovered all of these structures with sensory connections, then verified them with actual healing techniques. When I talk about getting better results, that means I’ve reliably gotten better results across dozens of healing sessions.


So, those are the 3 types of precision. They build on one another: You need to target the right tissue before you can apply the right signature, and you need to do both of those before you can set the signature deeper into the path to cells.

Without these precisions, you’re limited to generic feel-better type healing techniques. With them, you can develop new, significant healing techniques.

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