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On my post about finding ethereal software to work with, GhostlyPablo asks:

You mention in the article not to make my own systems. Is there any particular reason? What makes systems work, anyway?

The post was from back when I called ethereal software “systems.” I think he’s having the same confusion that others had with the term. So, using today’s terms, here’s my answer:

Spirits make ethereal software, and tie it to particular ritual or symbols. (Some ethereal software you just look up by its signature, but that’s usually more advanced stuff, and not what I’d recommend for your first foray into recognizing ethereal software.)

But if you make up your own ritual, there’s no ethereal software listening for it. So you probably won’t get anything connecting to you.

Now, if you already have ethereal software you work with — either from being initiated into another style of magick, or because you’ve just always had some psychic talents*, then all you need is to send it your intent, so any ritual you make up will probably work. But that method (1) doesn’t help you find better ethereal software, and (2) doesn’t help people who don’t already have ethereal software.

*Psychic intuitions, remember, come from ethereal software. If you grew up with someone who was psychic, their ethereal software probably connected to you. And there are other ways to get psychic ethereal software, too.

So, to answer you: A system of magick (Thelema, Enochian, Reiki, etc) works because there’s ethereal software associated with it that connects to the mage during initiations / attunements, responds to their rituals and intents, and drives the magick.

Creating your own ethereal software is an advanced topic. It comes after reprogramming ethereal software.

But if you want to create your own system of magick — a way of communicating your intents to your unconscious and to ethereal software — then you’ll need some ethereal software already. If you have that, and you can command it, you can do magick.

Note that the ethereal software will mostly ignore the rituals you create, since no one programmed it for those particular symbols or actions. The ethereal software is just responding to your intents, and your ritual is only there to help focus your mind. So, with the right mental posture, you don’t need the ritual. But you still need the ethereal software.

So, coming back around to your question, I’d say this: If you want to get ethereal software to connect to you, use a traditional system of magick, one that has ethereal software listening for people doing those rituals. Which is much clearer now that I have the new terms.

I’m also having an interesting discussion with Kol about wading-pool-level ethereal software on that same post.

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