Feeling Your Magick

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Mike asked some great questions a few days ago on mental muscles, mental posture, and energy healing. I’m going to tackle them today.

A Feeling of Pressure

Mike asks:

When practicing certain energy feats, I start to feel pressure and pulsation in specific parts of my brain. When projecting energy I feel a pull at the top of my forehead, when drawing in energy I feel a pulling at the top of my head.

Lisa said this reminds her of the feeling of new mental muscles waking up. Which sounds right, when I remember back to when I started awakening them myself, though it could also just be the feeling of energy.

Note from me: These days, I don’t physically feel anything with most magick. The feelings happen you skip a step or don’t align a signature properly. The better you are, the less tingles and pressure you feel. Kind of like driving: As you get better, you grind gears and screech tires less.

If you are awakening mental muscles, you’ll feel tired afterward, and the pressure will persist even after you stop actively channeling the energy. If that’s what’s happening, just do a little every day, and don’t push yourself when you’re tired. See this series for ways to speed up the awakening.

Is Energy This Easy?

Mike asks:

Will my direct magick become simply become instantly firing off a specific mental posture that uses energy in a specific way? Example – I engage the mental posture for projecting energy and wham I’m projecting energy. For me this is replicating the pulsation I get in my brain when I project energy.

I have two answers for you here.

First, if what you want is to make energy, then yes: All you’ll do is engage the right mental posture (which makes sure the right mental muscles are paying attention), and think about making energy. It really is that easy.

But second, there’s a lot more to magick then making energy. The point of getting good at making energy is so you can think about all the other things involved in magick, instead of focusing on the energy.

So, I guess my answer is: Great job! Now here’s some more work.

How Energy Healing Feels

Mike asks:

One thing I noticed is that when I did a visualization for healing a family members cancer the part of my brain that pulsates when I’m drawing in energy started to become active. This was a red flag to me that most visualization people use are not accurately focused. Why would I want to draw in energy when trying to wipe out someone’s cancer?

I’m so sorry someone you love has cancer.

Let me talk about the magick of this, and the approach I’d take to energy healing.

First, realizing that what you visualize isn’t what actually happens is the first step to investigating what does actually happen. You’re taking a big step in the right direction.

So, what’s going on here? I’d guess that most of your magick has centered around building and channeling energy. So, when you do any visualization, those instructions go to the mental muscles that build and channel energy. Which means they’re the ones responding to your cancer visualization.

As far as helping your family member, I have some idea of what would be involved in curing cancer, and it would be really advanced. I think you’ll have more success focusing on helping the person feel better — more energetic, less nauseous after chemo, etc. Try this:

When they’re feeling good, connect to their stomach, and feel the energy there. Practice building energy in that signature yourself. Then, after chemo, gently send that energy (with the signature of when their stomach feels good) into their stomach. I expect* this will help their nausea. If you try it, let us know how it works, and I’ll see about helping you develop the technique.

*I’ve used this technique on myself when I’ve had stomach pains from indigestion. Totally not the same thing as chemo, which is why I say I expect it to work, not that it will work. I haven’t worked with someone with cancer yet.

Got more questions? Just let me know.

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6 Responses to “Feeling Your Magick”

  1. MikeShns says:

    Thanks Mike!

    You are right that most of my past practice was focuses on energy mostly qigong and neigong type chi building and balancing type exercises. Now, I’ve been more into modernistic invocation/ evocation with state entities that I’ve created. I want to get to your level where my visualization and tingly pulses are to a minimum.

    Thanks for the healing technique.

    Is this the correct procedure:

    (1) Create a sensory connection to their stomach while the person is feeling well.

    (2) Learn the energy signature of their stomach in this state.

    (3) Create a sensory connection and send the energy signature we learned in part 2.

    • Correct. Except in step 3, it’s just a normal connection, since it carries energy. Sensory connections specifically carry as little energy as you can manage, otherwise you’ll just sense the energy you yourself are sending. (That’s what happened to me with the quartz + magnet experiments.)

      And don’t worry, just keep working and testing like you are, and you’ll get there.

  2. mike says:


    I tried a similar technique on my neck. I have Cervical spondylosis, a form of arthritis in the neck that causes pain and a cracking and grinding sensation when I laterally move my neck.

    I attempted to learn the signature of a healthy cervical vertebrae, and created a connection between the healthy cervical vertebrae and the inflamed cervical vertebrae. I tried to pass the healthy signature to the damaged vertebrae. I experienced a lot of the normal heat tingly stuff, but I woke up this morning without any pain or inflammation. I still have the grinding sensation and cracking, but the pain is gone.

    • That’s awesome, Mike. I’m so glad this is working for you.

      I want to give you a warning, though. It’s something I had to learn the hard way. When you use this technique to help with joint pain, it primarily numbs the pain, rather than repairing the joint. This means that the joint is still just as fragile as before, but without the pain, it’s easy to overuse and injure it. And I’d hate to see you feel great, and then wake up tomorrow feeling worse.

      So, keep healing yourself as often as you like, probably whenever your neck starts to bother you. Just, also keep taking it easy.

      And congratulations! It sounds like you just got your first easily noticeable, useful effect. That’s a big deal. Good work.

  3. mike says:

    Mike, one of the first things I realized was that the pain was gone, but the underlying condition would remain, which is fine. I’ll take the cracking and grinding over pain. As of today, I haven’t had any more pain.

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