How to Become a Professional Energy Healer

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I see two routes:

The most common is to adopt the persona of the healer, network among pagans and new agers, and hopefully do enough with energy to make people feel better. (Or don’t use energy. Reassuring people and placebo-ing them into feeling better counts as helping, too).

But to do that route, you have enjoy the healer / pagan / new ager persona. If you’ve been here more than a few days, you probably know that’s not me.

The other option? Become so good they can’t ignore you. Develop healing techniques to help the underlying problem, not just today’s symptoms. Take the healing sessions I did with Lisa’s hives and my mother’s cold, practice them so they work reliably the first time, and generalize them for a variety of conditions. Then word of mouth will do the rest (I hope).

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