How I Practice When I’m Busy

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I moved into my apartment yesterday, and had zero time to practice magick. I barely even finished yesterday’s post.

But you know what I did a lot of? Manifesting. Because I had to pick out sheets and furniture and a bunch of other stuff. In other words, I didn’t have time set aside to practice, but I still did plenty of magick.

Once you’re good enough with a skill to use it on trivial errands, you wind up using it constantly. It doesn’t feel like practicing, it just feels like doing your errands. I call it “passive practice.”

But it does require some planning. Here’s an example:

Imagine you want to learn some amazing skill based on communication, like mind reading. Instead of just focusing on that amazing-but-difficult skill, pick something easy to learn that’s also based on communication, like manifesting. Focus on that easy skill until it’s useful for trivial tasks, then start using it. Once you get used to solving problems the skill, you won’t have to set aside time to practice it, you’ll just use it as you do everyday tasks.

Now that you’ve freed up your focusing-on-magick practice time, pick a slightly-harder communication-based skill — one you can learn in a few weeks, now that you’ve been practicing manifesting — learn it, start using it for errands, and repeat. Eventually, that amazing skill will be within reach, and along the way, you’ll have put in a lot of extra practice time without having to allocate hours every day for magick. Also, you’ll learn a new useful skill every few months, and seeing that progress will help you keep working.

Practicing more doesn’t require putting more effort in. It just requires getting good enough with a skill to use it even when you’re not trying to practice.

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6 Responses to “How I Practice When I’m Busy”

  1. Mike says:


    I want to learn manifesting so that I will know which doors to knock on when I’m prospecting for my business. It would be great to know, which prospects will value my service and are willing to pay.

    • Here are some commands for the manifesting ethereal software I use that you might find useful for the software you use:

      “Guide me to look at the item I will have the most success with,” which I use for ordering off a menu at a restaurant (phrased as “the item I will most enjoy”) or selecting which mattress to buy online.

      “Guide me to approach doors that I’ll be successful with, giving me a good feeling for successful doors and a bad feeling for unsuccessful doors.” Haven’t actually used this specific command, and you may need to tweak the language around “successful doors” (“doors leading to a successful experience,” maybe?), but it’s something worth trying.

      “Guide me through this conversation to reach a successful outcome.” I use this all the time in business, sometimes defining “successful outcome” in a more detailed way. Manifesting will key you into topics to bring up or avoid, times to stay quiet and listen, etc. The hardest part is paying attention to the manifesting software while still looking natural in the conversation.

      Do these help? If you try them, write up a quick case study, let me know how it goes, and I’ll help you debug them.

  2. Amonjin says:


    I’m gonna try that with my ex next time we have an argument.

    The interesting part is the language though. How do you view the language we use in terms to manifestation? Also is it universal like C++ or is the language unique to each practitioner? I would think it’s unique but I curious about your experiences.

  3. michael says:

    This is very similar to what the Silva Method guys do. They use a process to take themselves to alpha state, they create a space where they can receive guidance to their guides, and in this state they ask such questions.

    Is there any specific mental posture we need to ask these questions?

    I’m going to try this while at lunch. I want to flesh out a marketing strategy I just learned!

    • Very cool.

      Yes, there’s a particular mental posture. It’s the one for communicating with ethereal software, which is the same as for communicating with spirits. I know, that’s not hugely helpful, but I haven’t developed a good language to describe mental postures. That’ll probably be something I work on in the book, too.

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