Impossible vs Unknown

by Mike Sententia on March 10, 2012

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A few things are actually impossible. Mostly highly-technical areas of science. Accelerating particles faster than the speed of light. Linear-time search with quantum computers. Simultaneously measuring the position and speed of a photon.

But mostly, when we say something is impossible, we really mean that no one has any idea how to do it. It’s impossible to do a better search than Google. It’s impossible to outsource complex work to China. It’s impossible to make computer components smaller than a few atoms wide.

Those are statements about our knowledge, not about the world. Perceived impossibilities, not real impossibilities. And the way you push back the boundary of perceived impossibilities is by understanding how those things work — how they’re built, not just how we use them right now — and figuring out a way to do it better.

That’s what direct magick is about: Exploring magick’s implementation, to push back the boundary of (perceived) impossibility.

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f3n1x_hvn732 March 11, 2012 at 1:29 AM

I totally agree with you. Also, when understanding the rules, you can know the limits. You need to work out yourself, and to think different to archive what you want. “The sky is the limit”.


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