Is Magick For Everyone?

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Yvonne asks:

My question is whether the information you provide can be mainstreamed in any meaningful way, or is it that magic, like religion, is only for the initiated, for the enlightened, for the insiders, so to speak. I mean, at some point, so much of what you are saying will be taken as ordinary, human common sense, no?

First, if you’re new here: My goal with magick is genuinely amusing results. Things so useful they would be amazing no matter where they came from. In contrast, most people are amazed when magick works at all, and a similar result that came from an established science would be unimpressive. For more, see this series.

Now, for Yvonne’s question. I think of magick like physics:

Some parts will eventually become common sense, the same way everyone knows that a bowling ball and a golf ball fall at the same rate, that gravity makes the planets orbit the sun (and not the other way around), etc.

Some parts will be used every day in tools, though not understood by most people.  For example, the silicon chips in your computer work via quantum physics. In magick, this would be ethereal software that you can command without understanding how it implements those commands.

And some technical parts will only ever be understood by experts, in the same way that lots of people have heard of Schrödinger’s cat, but very few people can work Schrödinger’s equation. Advanced direct magick (without ethereal software) probably falls into this category. By the way, this is the category I focus on, if that helps orient you.

The folks doing advanced direct magick would then program those techniques into ethereal software for everyone else to use.

Me, I’m just hoping that someday, seniors will complain about a new-fangled magick gadget the youngsters are playing with. A crystal that causes tantric orgasms? Something like that, probably.

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2 Responses to “Is Magick For Everyone?”

  1. MrBlack says:

    Well said.

    I found that question amusing though. What is “everyone”? I think “magick” is slowly becoming mainstream and people don’t even realize it.

    As for ordinary, human common sense – I am torn with that statement since I fell, most of the time, magick is about the things beyond ordinary, human common sense.

    • The reasons behind magick may never become common sense, in the same way that the math behind physics probably won’t become common sense. (How many people can even calculate planetary motion under Newtonian physics, let alone Einsteinian?)

      But I think the results could become common sense. Things like easily recognizing the symptoms of a spirit draining your energy, or knowing how to channel simple ethereal software for healing or manifesting. There’s a lot of useful magick you can do without understanding the underlying mechanism that makes it work.

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