Just What is an Energy Signature?

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The hardest part of working with someone new isn’t explaining your unique terms, like “ethereal software.” No, the hardest part is locating terms you both know, but use slightly differently.

Yvonne asked a question recently that made me realize we mean different things by “energy.” Which made me realize, my meaning is probably different than a lot of yours. Here’s her question:

[In the modern world,] what kind of “energy” do you think is needed most in order to gain magickal competence, let alone mastery?

With my meaning for “energy,” this question doesn’t really make sense. When that happens, it’s tempting to explain why the other person is wrong. But really, it’s just that we use different metaphors to explain the phenomenon. And if you explore that disagreement properly, it’s a great chance to learn.

So today, I’m going to explain what I mean by energy, and by kind / type / signature of energy. Not that my definition is right and others are wrong, but it’s useful to know my meaning when you’re reading this blog.

What’s Energy?

I think words refer to things we’ve experienced, and often, the best way to define a word is to reference a shared experience. So, when I talk about energy, I’m thinking of that magical thing that makes you feel tingly.

For some of you, it might feel like warmth, or mild pressure, or something else. And some energy won’t feel like anything at all. But at least we have a shared experience to know what we mean by “energy,” so we can generalize from there.

By the way, here I’m talking about magical energy. (Or magick::energy, for those of you that remember my scoping post. You can say my definition is mike::magick::energy.) You can pretty much assume that if I talk about energy without specifying physics or biology or magick, that’s what I’m talking about.

What’s an Energy “Signature”?

“Signature” is the term I use for the type, or kind, of energy. I’m not entirely enamored the term, just as I’m not entirely enamored with the term “energy.” But it’s the one I’ve been using for years, and I’m going to keep it for now.

The signature of energy determines what magickal structures, or portions of those structures, the energy activates. That, in turn, determines how the cells and nerves respond to the energy (both for energy healing and for emotions), and a bunch of other things. The way I think about it is, the magickal structure has a signature, and it’s activated by energy with the corresponding signature.

What determines a structure’s signature, and which energies correspond to it? I don’t really have an answer. At this point, signatures are kind of arbitrary, like words: There’s nothing inherent about a given sound vibration that makes it refer to dogs, but as long we all use the word in the same way, it all works. Here, a particular word (the air vibrations) correspond to a particular signature, and you can think of the set of all signatures as a language.

So we can talk about “Tendon anti-inflammation energy” and “A nerve anti-pain signature” (also anti-itch and others). It doesn’t mean that the energy knows you intend it to reduce inflammation, any more than air vibrations know they refer to a four-legged barking animal. It just means that tendon cells generally respond to signature X by reducing inflammation, so as a shorthand, we can call that energy “tendon anti-inflammation.”

In this model, it doesn’t make sense to talk about “the energy of childhood playfulness,” or “the energy of insight.” I can certainly imagine using those “energies” as a metaphor when you’re encouraging people to be more playful or insightful, but I wouldn’t say there’s an actual magical energy associated with those ideas.

Well, maybe that’s not entirely accurate. You could make an energy that produces feelings of insight or playfulness in the brains of most normal humans, and then reasonably call it the “energy of insight.” It might even make a person more insightful, though that’s just speculation at this point. Now, I don’t know how closely this maps to what people mean when they talk about these metaphoric energies, but it is something new to explore, which is always exciting.

I’m extra excited because, when I started writing this, I didn’t realize you could define these metaphoric energies like this. And finding new things is awesome.

So, I guess I’ll end with a question, rather than an answer. If you view energies in that metaphoric way, how do you use them?

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8 Responses to “Just What is an Energy Signature?”

  1. Kol Drake says:

    Not sure if I am answering this as you want but… I tend to think of ‘signatures’ as ‘vibes’. Maybe since I lived through the hippy ‘vibey’ generation (yes, I was young but still experienced it).

    I kind of think of a tendon giving off it’s own ‘tune’/vibe which is different from a knee cap or muscle ‘vibe’. And, to connect to it or ‘energize it’, I have to take my own ‘signal’/’energy’ and jazz the vibe higher or lower as needed.

    Not that I am THAT far into affecting internal body parts and organs… but that’s how I imagine it to be.

    • That sounds about right, actually. At least for someone who’s experienced energy signatures, I know what experiences you’re talking about, and they’re the same ones I’m talking about. Good explanation, thanks for posting it.

  2. mike says:

    I also like thinking of it as a ‘vibe’.

    Mike what are your thoughts on thought forms? Are they simply energy signatures that can be transfered via energy connections?

  3. THOUGHT PATTERNS or FORMS are the temporary etheric picture or pattern we create as we think. They are living entities that have physical form and are animated by your ideas and thoughts. They have vibration based on the amount of light they carry and reflect our MORAL character and behavior. They dissolve easily unless energized by your emotion.
    Thinking is creating consciously or by default. When the individual thinking is focused and strong the thought is clear and well formed. HABITUAL thoughts become very powerful, well-formed forces. Worry helps you create what you worry about. Vengeance attracts more darkness. Thought forms can be directed toward others to control, protect or heal them. Imposing your truth on others is force and carries low vibrations and is against the law of allowing. Thoughts can be directed toward anyone, but to affect the other it needs to resonate or have a similar vibration. Dark thoughts boomerang back to the sender.

    • Wow, that’s a lot to respond to. I don’t think I can do a line-by-line analysis, but let me start with the first item:

      They are living entities that have physical form and are animated by your ideas and thoughts.

      First, I do like concrete, testable claims. Saying that X has a physical form is a great one, because then we can go out into the world, find X, photograph it, and watch it operate.

      Problem is, no such thing has ever been found. If you really think they have physical form, where are they? Why has no scientist ever found them?

      And why, of all living things, are these the only living thing animated not by food and water, or by sunlight, or by other nutrients, but by neural activity in the human brain? This phenomenon has never been observed.

      On this blog, my goal is accurate, predictive, useful models. So, I’ll ask you what I ask everyone else who posts their model in my comments: What have you seen that makes you believe what you said is true?

  4. christopher says:

    In response to the question on what are Thought Forms, I would like to make a comment. I don’t have the facts, I think they are Physic Projections that we allow to exist on the mental Plane, by thinking of them while being in total alignment with the belief of that reality. Believing in them is giving them more attention and feeding the consciousness of that thought. I think we effect the mental plane greatly with thought forms.

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