Manifesting an Apartment in San Francisco

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How I found a great apartment in under a week.

Last week, I moved to San Francisco. It’s notoriously hard to find apartments here, as everyone I met reminded me, looking somewhere between sorry and worried for me as they wished me luck. Folks in other states even wrote wrote telling me they understand the struggle of finding a place in SF, wishing me luck, and suggesting I try manifesting.

Well, of course I did manifesting. (Did you have any doubt?) I wound up seeing 6 apartments in 2 days, applying to 2 of them, and being accepted at both. Super easy.

Normally, I don’t write case studies on manifesting, because when you boil it down, all that happened is “I hunted for an apartment and found one.” It’s really hard to separate the magick from ordinary luck and effort. But, I thought some of you might find the details useful. So here they are:

I arrived Monday evening, and searched craigslist for apartments.

Tuesday, I used manifesting to help select the best apartments to see that day*. I saw 4 in total, some recommended by manifesting and some not. I liked the first one I saw (which was one of the recommended ones), but manifesting recommended that I continue looking.

*Technical details: I contacted the ethereal software I use for manifesting and sent the message “What should I do today?” and “Guide me through which apartments to look at.” Then, as I looked at each ad, I got a yes or no message. I also asked the software to guide me down a reliable path to finding a good option, rather than a less-certain path that might find the best but might miss all my good options if I didn’t follow its instructions precisely.

Wednesday was the same. Manifesting recommended an ad with no pictures, which turned out to be my favorite apartment. I saw that and one other, for a total of 6 over 2 days.

By that time, I was ready to pick a place, and did manifesting to confirm I would do best in the one I liked from Wednesday, and that this was a good time to stop. (That is, that tomorrow wouldn’t offer an even better place. For confirmation, I continued searching craigslist, and didn’t see any ads that appealed to me.)

I applied to both (it was free), and asked manifesting what I should do to get Wednesday’s apartment. It said to offer an extra $20/month on the rent, which I did.

Both places accepted me 2 days later, and I’m taking the one I saw Wednesday. Did I need the extra $20/mo, or did manifesting talk me out of a couple hundred bucks? No idea. But I’m happy with the place, and with the price.

One note: All of this manifesting centered around guiding me to make good decisions. I specifically used the command to have it guide me, rather than a different command that makes it influence other people. (Didn’t really seem ethical.)

Also, I sometimes hear people talk about manifesting as though it causes an apartment to show up on craigslist. I don’t think that’s accurate. Remember that tenants announce they’re leaving 30 or 60 days before they actually leave, so there’s simply no way to manifest an apartment onto the market in the time frame I used.


So, how much was manifesting vs luck vs effort? No way to tell. But all the locals seemed amazed at the result, and I thought seeing some details about how I use manifesting might help some of you.

Do You Know San Francisco?

I’m finding my way around the SF magick scene. Got any recommendations? Let me know. Thanks!

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6 Responses to “Manifesting an Apartment in San Francisco”

  1. Yvonne says:

    Excellent story, we always enjoy hearing of success!
    Question: is it best to remove any and all doubt when doing the manifesting? Does doubt sully the pure communication, or should one acknowledge doubt so as shrug to say, “screw it, I am in your hands.”
    I am asking about the optimal attitude for one to take with your technique.

  2. JP Alcala says:

    It seems that your approach to manifesting is very similar (if not exactly the same) to subconscious-assisted work. I first learned about this technique when I underwent psychotherapy. I just remembered about it after reading thru this post.

    Which now leads me to believe that ethereal software is roughly equivalent (if not identical) to one’s subconscious. except that your approach seems to be more explicit.

    Thanks for sharing this. Your approach gave me a good idea on how to take my own practice to the next level.

    • Cool. I’m glad this post gave you a new idea, that’s awesome.

      Also, I’m pretty sure that ethereal software doesn’t map to the unconscious, but you can decide that for yourself as you read more and try some of my techniques.

      Please let me know how both of those turn out.

      • JP Alcala says:

        And I actually did after posting my comment.

        I was in a mall, and I needed to buy a tea ball. Below are my notes from the experiment:

        1. Connected to my subconscious. I usually switch to the Alpha state in order to guarantee a clear connection.
        2. Gave the following instructions to my subconscious: “Guide me to the location of a tea ball here in this mall. Don’t answer back, I just need you to guide me.”
        3. Switched back to normal mode (Beta state).
        4. In less than a minute, I detected a strong energy signature. It was literally screaming: “TEA BALL HERE”.
        5. Followed the energy signature to its source. I spent several minutes looking, and almost gave up.
        6. Asked a salesperson if they have the tea ball. And he led me to the spot. It was in the area that emitted the strongest energy.

        Steps 1-3 are actually part of my routine when looking for stuff, with some small modifications based on your ideas.

        Instruction vs Intent: Normally, I would say: “I need a tea ball” or “Guide me to the location of a tea ball here”. While it works, it requires more effort on my part, mainly due to the signal-to-noise ratio from both my conscious (the part that already knows the place) and my subconscious (the one that’s supposed to execute my intent).

        By saying “Don’t answer back, I just need you to guide me”, I switched my intention to a deliberate instruction: from “I need this” to “where can I get this?”

        Also, the signal-to-noise ratio improved dramatically. In this case, I would’ve normally scanned for the energy signature of the item I’m looking for. But not here: I was not even trying to detect it. I was pulled to it. The deliberate instruction forced my subconscious to make me aware, effectively overriding what my conscious mind was saying (e.g. possible locations in the mall).

        I still did 2 more tests yesterday, and the results are solid: focusing on instructions than intent seems to yield better results. However, it’s a small-scale test. I will try to do the same on a more complex experiment.

  3. Yvonne says:

    This is awesome detail on these experiments and I can’t wait to try some of these insights out.

    @JPAlcala, when you give the “instructions” (command) to the ethereal software (while in Alpha mode), does make a difference whether the statement is in the subjunctive tense (I would like the tea ball, guide me to it) or the present tense (I HAVE the tea ball, manifest it). For me, wording matters as it references my state of mind. I would like to know if there is an difference in how we word things as we practice.

    Mike you might have explained this too before, but what are your thoughts on how one words/thinks the intention?

    So exciting!!

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