What I See When I Do Energy Healing

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Mike asks:

When you make a sensory connection with your leg or any other body part, what exactly do you see?

Mike is learning sensory connections, and I think he wants to know if he’s doing it right. So there are really two questions: What do I see now, and what did I see at first?

When I connect, I see a bunch of signatures, arranged in physical space. Think of it like a 3-D, color-coded scan, where each color is a signature. The skin has one color, muscles another, ligaments and tendons a third*, and so on.

*Ligaments and tendons are the same type of cells, and have the same signature.

If some of those tissues are injured, I see that in the signature. Think of it as different shades in your color-coded scan. Inflammation signature is obvious, since I see it so much. A crack in bone or cartilage doesn’t have a color, but if you follow the tissue from one side to the other, you can’t continue following the tissue if it’s cracked. (I think that’s what that means, anyway. As always, I’d love to work with doctors to verify this.) Sometimes the tissue just looks weird, which means it’s probably injured in a way I haven’t seen before.

When I first looked at tissue, I just saw signatures. It wasn’t obvious what any signature meant, just like if you looked at an MRI brain scan, you wouldn’t know what each color meant.

With time and practice, the meaning of each signature became obvious. Eventually, I forgot there was a time when I had no idea what the signatures meant. Now, I just talk about seeing the energy of inflamed tendons, like how a doctor might talk about seeing a hemorrhage in an MRI, rather than describing the colors he’s literally seeing.

So, how can you learn this?  If I were doing it again, here’s what I would do:

  1. Touch your forearm. From outside to in, you should see the energy of skin, then muscle, than bone. The muscle signature will be obvious, and you could easily miss the other signatures. (Skin is so thin that it’s easy to miss, and bone cells hardly do anything, so they have a subtler signature for their volume.) Look at each signature, and memorize what they mean.
  2. Now, touch a joint. Your shoulder and knee are good, they have a lot of ligaments and tendons and the signature is obvious. Your elbow also has tendons and ligaments, but the signature is less obvious, at least in my body. (I assume because they’re smaller in the elbow.)
  3. Now that you know what muscle energy looks like, you should be able to spot two other signatures, for tendon and cartilage. There will be a lot more tendon. Memorize those signatures, too.
  4. Next time you have a sore joint, connected to it. Now you can see what the energy of inflamed tendons or cartilage look like.

Practice each step until it’s easy before moving on. Each step might take a week or more to really get comfortable with. (2 and 3 count as one step here.)

There’s a lot more to energy healing, but that’s a good start to looking around. Let me know when you’re ready for more and I’ll come up with exercises.

A few tips:

  • Do all of this on yourself first. When you look at someone else, you have to adjust for their underlying signature. This is another thing that’s easy now, but was very difficult at first. It took me a couple of months to learn it.
  • Start by touching the area you want to sense. It’s easier to figure out what kind of tissue you’re looking at if you know where you start. Touching also lets you use a simpler, more direct connection than doing this at a distance. And it’s easier to practice if you always make connections from one spot, and your hands are the natural choice.
  • I use the palms of my hands for these connections, since years ago I heard they were a major chakra point. These days, I can use my fingertips or palms or no touching, though palms are still the easiest. I don’t know if that’s because there actually are chakra points there, or if it’s just the result of years of practice. Anyone done testing?
  • Do all of this while you’re stationary. It’s possible to watch a joint as it moves, but it’s much harder. I didn’t start doing that until last year, 5 years after starting direct magick energy healing.

Mike: Does that answer you? And to anyone: Got any questions?

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2 Responses to “What I See When I Do Energy Healing”

  1. mike says:

    I can’t wait until I’m at your level.

    It would be great if we could have an energy signature catalog of all the major parts of the body, so that when we’re injured/sick we could instantly adjust the signature to what it should be.

    Can look also be interpreted as feel in your article? Can someone feel a signature vs seeing one?

    • An energy signature catalog would be awesome. One of my back-burner projects is developing a language to describe energies, so at least we can all talk about them and agree on terms. Someday, maybe.

      Look vs feel: Yes, feeling is fine. Whenever I talk about looking at something or seeing something, I really mean “Connect to it and sense the signature in whatever way you normally sense signatures.” I feel more than I see, too.

      And just keep practicing and you’ll get there.

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