Why Reprogram Ethereal Software? (Titling My Article)

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I’m working on an article for a printed anthology. The first draft is done, and now comes the most important part: The title. Because if the title is bad, the rest of the article never gets read.

The article has 2 sections: The case study on energy healing for Lisa’s hives, and a discussion of how and why to reprogram ethereal software. I’ll post excerpts soon, particularly on the “how,” but today I want to figure out the title.

My working title was: Reprogramming the Forces Behind Your Magick

Descriptive. But not great. No one wakes up and says, “I want to learn to reprogram the forces I use.” Most people probably don’t even think about them, or perhaps don’t even realize they’re there. It won’t get a lot of readers.

Which brings us back to the why. Why do that? What’s the impact? Just keep asking until you get to something that pretty much everyone cares about.

So, why reprogram ethereal software? Because it was programmed poorly the first time. Well, not poorly, but without a knowledge of modern science. The point is, we can make better algorithms for better results.

That’s the real reason: The healing force didn’t know the proper energy for hives. Then we reprogrammed it, and afterward, it’s been quite effective. That’s something I think a lot of people would be interested in.

I was thinking it would be nice to capture how this generalizes to other skills. I discuss that in the article, and indeed it would be nice, but if you only have enough words for either a concrete image or a general idea, go for the concrete image. It’s much more powerful and easier to understand.

So, something about energy healing for hives, and reprogramming the healing force to do it better.

“Reprogramming a channeled force to do energy healing for chronic hives, and how to apply it to your own magick.” Yeah, that’s the gist, but way too long, and it sounds like a scholarly article. (Again, zero readers.)

Let’s start with a blurb:

Spirits programmed the forces behind most magick. They did it without knowing modern medicine, physics, chemistry, or any other modern science. Which means they never saw some of the best solutions.

I’ll show you how I reprogrammed one of those forces to do energy healing for chronic hives, and give you concrete exercises to find and reprogram the forces behind your magick (not just energy healing) to solve currently-impossible problems.

Now we’re closer to a decent title: Energy Healing for Chronic Hives by Injecting Modern Medical Knowledge into the Forces I Channel

Still too long, but no longer terrible. Another attempt:

Energy Healing for Chronic Hives: How Modern Medicine Lets Us Program Smarter Magick

Or slightly better:

Energy Healing for Chronic Hives: Programming Smarter Magick with Modern Medical Research

I’ll call it a working title, and iterate with the editor. But first, let me ask: What do you think?

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