3 Answers on Ethereal Software

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WSA emailed me some great, concrete questions in response to Making Manifesting Work for You. I think the concreteness will help a lot of folks who are new to manifesting. For each question, I’ll quote the relevant paragraph of my post, then her question, then my answer.

Why Ethereal Software Doesn’t Understand the Modern World

Post: If the ethereal software doesn’t understand something from the modern world, like email or cars, it won’t receive your question properly. At least, that’s what I found.

WSA: And why would it not?  Is this piece of software something that someone else built centuries before (human? Spirit?)  How/why/does ethereal software exist if you did not build it for yourself or ask a Spirit to build it for you?

Answer: That’s exactly the case. The most skilled spirits are hundreds or thousands of years old — I’ve asked — and, like a grumpy senior, aren’t hip to the modern world. Actually, not like a grumpy senior. They’re not grumpy at all. But they’re not involved in day-to-day human life, so unless someone has explained email to them, they won’t have a word for it. And even if someone has, they only have that person’s concept of email, which might be different than yours.

Verifying Your Results

Post: Whenever you start manifesting about a new topic, verify that you’re getting accurate advice before you rely on the information you get.

WSA: How would you verify accuracy before relying upon in the case of car maintenance?

Answer: Do whatever checks you’d do if you weren’t manifesting. In my case, I thought the tires looked a bit low as I was getting into my car. So, while at a traffic light, I asked what maintenance I should do on the car. My concept of “car” made the ethereal software focus on the body and engine, but ignore the tires, so it told me to not bother with anything. But, because I was new to manifesting about car maintenance, I checked tire pressure anyway, and one was seriously low. In other words, do whatever checks you’d normally do to verify that you’re getting accurate information, and if you’re not, figure out what’s going wrong and how to debug it.

Why We Use Different Ethereal Software

Post: How similar is your ethereal software to mine? I don’t know. I just haven’t done a broad survey of them. I think most are similar for most situations, but I really don’t know.

WSA: How/why would mine be different than yours? How would I have access to a different ethereal software than you? I can see how MINE might be different from YOURS given that you have working with and building software purposely and I have not; I guess I am asking why mine would be different from another average human’s.

Answer: Random chance. There are a lot of different ethereal softwares out there, and the particular one you end up with mostly depends on the particular spirits, psychics and healers around you. You’ll probably wind up with whatever they use.

If you learn a particular style, like Thelema or Reiki, you’ll wind up connecting to a particular ethereal software for that style. The connection is based on the symbols and rituals of the style — you can program ethereal software to respond to those things*. When I start writing the book, I’m going to be binding ethereal software to a new symbol, and you’ll have a chance to test it with me and make sure it’s working.

*Technical note: There’s another piece of ethereal software that notices when you do the ritual — not sure if that’s everyone, or just mages — and connects the right ethereal software to you. You can think of it more like an operating system (like Windows) rather than the normal software you use.

Does that answer you?

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4 Responses to “3 Answers on Ethereal Software”

  1. Here’s a though: why not build a translator spirit, that can describe modern concepts and trends to older spirits that aren’t into newer things?

    • OK, I’ll bite: How would you go about building such a translator spirit?

      • f3n1x_hvn732 says:

        Try with programming a “reader” that can translate mental images in word-concepts so they can be actualized with the world around you. Also I have practice with manifesting with Ophiel’s technique of manifesting called “creative visualization” and it gave me a computer even when the software is very “ancient”, so maybe it can read the mental image and then compare it with whats on the world and know the characteristics.

  2. Thanks guys. I want to point something out: When you say “Try programming X,” that’s not an actual procedure, it’s just a goal. A procedure would be “Connect to ethereal software for this and send it this message,” or “Do this ritual and make this rune,” or something like that.

    I focus on procedures because it lets us all know what the other person is talking about, even if we don’t use the same terms for everything. If someone told me, “I connect to a force, send it an intent to heal the person, then channel its energy into the person’s injured knee,” I can translate all that into my terms. But if someone just says, “Try using energy to heal the person’s knee,” it’s much harder to know exactly what they mean.


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