3 Quick Thoughts on Learning Magick

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When something is hard, either work harder or give up. Putting in half-effort is fine for something easy, but gets you nowhere with something hard.

When something doesn’t work, ask why. When it still doesn’t work, ask why again. Eventually, you’ll discover something useful.

The truth is out there. It’s just very hard to google.

I’m not sure how often each of these is true, but they seem like good things to consider as I plan my research. And sometimes, useful trumps true.

Note: Large post on manifesting for better writing coming tomorrow, then a few more stories about how I learned magick.

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5 Responses to “3 Quick Thoughts on Learning Magick”

  1. JP Alcala says:

    “The truth is out there. It’s just very hard to google.” – soooooo true.

    Actually, there is an equivalent to Google for magick: the Akashic records. Unfortunately, there are access restrictions.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Alright, now we are getting down to the basics!

    “When something is hard, either work harder or give up”
    Is Direct Magick hard work? Is that an impossible question to answer for someone else?

    “When something doesn’t work, ask why.”
    Ask who? And if the “who” stands beyond the Self, what if there are conflicting answers?

    I think these are the kinds of practical questions you should be able to answer effortlessly as you open this practice up to more and more people.

    • Yes, direct magick is hard, even with a book to follow. At least, it’s hard if you want to do more with direct magick than you can with other styles of magick. If you just want a different way to get the same results, it’s not too difficult. But why would you want that?

      And you would ask yourself. Figuring out why something isn’t working is an important skill — eventually, you’ll learn everything we currently know about magick, and the only way to learn more will be to take something that doesn’t work, figure out why it doesn’t work, and figure out something that does. So it’s best to start learning to figure these things out early, when others have some idea of the answer and can guide you a bit.

  3. Allen McWhinney says:

    This is really interesting! I don’t think you’ve taken into account what happens day to day, but I still think you make a lot of sense.

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