Case Study: Energy Healing for My Knee (April 2012)

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Two weeks ago, I didn’t see a curb, and dropped an extra 4-6 inches onto a straight knee. The next day, that knee was sore as I walked. (3/10 on the pain scale). After a healing technique, the pain stopped within seconds.

The result was useful but not genuinely amazing. But the speed and thoroughness of results has me excited: In the past, I’ve had to sit down, keep the knee stationary, then rest for 5-10 minutes while the healing energy set in before I’d feel better. This time, using a new technique, I got instant results while I walked. And the new approach should apply to other healing techniques too, which is particularly exciting.

The Results

While walking 4 blocks from my apartment to the train station, my knee started hurting. The pain was continuous as I walked, but worse when I had weight on the knee. It was bearable but unpleasant, and would have caused me to cut out some activities that day. It showed no signs of stopping, either while I was considering how much walking I had planed that day, or while I was preparing for the healing session.

I did the healing technique in about a minute, as I walked another half-block. I’ll go into the details in the next section.

Within a few seconds of completing the healing technique, the pain stopped — from a 3/10 to a 0/10. If my foot landed at an odd angle as I stepped, there was a minor twinge (2/10) for a split-second, but it felt more like an awareness that my knee was weak than a serious ache. And as long as I stepped normally, with my foot pointing straight ahead, there was zero pain.

I consider this twinge a feature, not a bug: It’s important to get feedback from your body about how it’s weak, and I avoid energy intended to numb because, if it works, it can lead the person to injure themselves worse. I was glad for the feedback on how to step properly. Interestingly, before the healing technique, when my knee was continuously sore, I didn’t notice anything different about different ways of stepping — it all felt uniformly bad.

I walked at my normal pace, paying attention to the orientation of my foot, for another two blocks to the train station, then down two flights of stairs, still without pain. After sitting for the 20-minute train ride, the twinges from stepping at an odd angle had stopped, and I walked another mile without any pain.

In the two weeks since this happened, I’ve walked 3-5 miles a day without pain (normal for me), and gone dancing twice for 3 hours each, again without pain. No idea how long the pain would have lasted without the healing technique, but it stopped abruptly and didn’t come back. I’ll call that a success.

The New Technique

Note: This healing technique is at the edge of what I can do, so I don’t have all the building blocks written up yet. Take this description as an example of advanced direct magick, rather than a how-to guide.

I connected to my knee and checked the signatures of my muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Most of the signatures looked normal, but the cartilage looked inflamed.

I set up a network of connections throughout the cartilage. If you don’t do this, you’ll wind up applying the healing energy only to one small area of the injury, and the other parts will continue hurting.

Then I figured out the right signature for the healing technique. This is complex, and probably requires its own series, but after looking at enough healthy and injured tissue, it just becomes obvious. Note that this step is not required if you’re using ethereal software, but I wanted to use a technique that my ethereal software doesn’t know, so I had to do a few extra steps.

I created a small pool of energy in that healing signature. This is different than building up energy, because (1) I connected the pool to my core, where power flows into my body, so it would be continuously powered, and (2) I set up stable ethereal structures to hold the pool, and made them so they would only produce energy in the right signature. This was a new step, and simplifies the process of delivering the healing energy to all the different points in the tissue.

Then I followed the paths from the tissue’s energy layer down toward the actual cells. This is something that’s foreign to most energy healers, but I find it’s critical to producing good results. The closer you get to cells, the more dramatically you can affect what those cells are doing. In my terminology, it goes: Energy, State, Physical Gateway*, then the next stage (which I haven’t named yet). When I started healing work, I only worked with the energy layer, and people only experienced minor numbing. As I got down into state and physical gateway, the effects have set in faster and more dramatically. This time, I went past physical gateway, which I think is the key change that caused the instant results.

*Yes, the names are bad. “State” doesn’t really conjure up any metaphors. Mea culpa. I’ll figure out a proper naming scheme at some point.

By the way, this isn’t as simple as imagining your connections going deep into your cells. That might communicate your intent to your mental muscles, but it doesn’t show them how to accomplish that goal, which in my experience, they need. At each step on the path from energy to cells, there’s a change in the quality of the pathways: They become smaller and more intricate, with a signature that’s harder to work with. I had to develop better sensory connections, and practice a lot, before my mental muscles knew how to work with those paths.

With the connection network and the energy pool in place, I pushed the new energy signature through the physical gateway for all the different points in the network, then connected all the paths together, and that was the healing. In total, it took about a minute. After that, my knee felt better within seconds — about the time to walk one step.

Why Not Focus on the Intent?

Sometimes, I remember questions from readers as I’m writing posts. This time, it was, “Why not just focus on my intent to heal my knee, and let my mental muscles and ethereal software handle the details?”

I have 3 answers to this:

First, I’ve tried that in the past: For an injury I’d worked with a dozen times, I tried just connecting to it and saying “Heal” in my head, intently. I fully expected it to work, and was surprised when it didn’t. But, indeed, that technique was ineffective. Immediately after, I did a technique similar to the one in this post, doubting myself all the way through, but it worked great. (This is one reason I’m pretty sure these healing results aren’t just placebo: The effectiveness has very little to do with my expectations, and everything to do with the actual technique I use.)

Second, here’s my model for why focused intent is ineffective: My mental muscles don’t innately know how to do this type of healing technique any more than my physical muscles innately know how to do a backflip. I had to step through the process and train them first, which is what I did here.

Third, I don’t know of any ethereal software that does healing techniques like this. Sure, my software has a command to “heal my knee,” but when I give it that command, it implements a simpler, less effective set of changes than I did here, acting at State layer, rather than going through Physical Gateway. That’s why I mean by “the ethereal software doesn’t know this technique.” At this point, I could theoretically reprogram it with this technique, but only after first working through the technique myself.

So, that’s why I didn’t just focus on my intent to heal: It hasn’t worked in the past, and I don’t think I have the right tools to make it work this time. But stepping through a complex procedure works well, and it will hopefully let me generalize this technique to other healings. Which is the real point of this write-up, and why I’m excited about the results.

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