Conclusion: Does Doubt Affect Manifesting?

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Wow, that turned into a much longer series than I’d expected. Thanks for the great questions, everyone. At this point, I think we need a summary:

Doubt can color your intent, creating a different set of concepts in your mind for the ethereal software to read. If this happens, your doubt will probably affect your manifesting.

But if you can send unemotional instructions to the ethereal software, your doubt shouldn’t matter. And there are techniques for doing this.

One broader item on doubt: If you doubt that magick is real at all, this may interfere with your overall mental posture and prevent you from engaging the mental muscles you need to make magick work. But that’s a whole different post. I just want to mention that, in this series, I was discussing doubt at a particular manifesting outcome, not doubt in your general ability to contact ethereal software and send it messages.

Coming up: A series on how to actually learn these communication techniques I’ve been discussing. Also, more answers to your questions, an organized outline of my book, and a few other goodies. Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “Conclusion: Does Doubt Affect Manifesting?”

  1. Mr Black says:

    Great series of articles! As I delve deeper into the studies of magick, one of the common themes that seems to always pop up is communication.

    Can’t wait to read the upcoming articles, nice to see some fresh take on the subject. :)

    • Thanks! That means a lot, particularly coming from an experienced mage and fellow blogger. (And thanks to all the other bloggers and readers who have been encouraging me and asking great questions throughout this series.)

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