Making Manifesting Work For You

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Three things to do to make my manifesting techniques work for you.

Amonjin asks:

How do you view the language we use in terms to manifestation? Also is it universal like C++ or is the language unique to each practitioner? I would think it’s unique but I curious about your experiences.

I think there are two questions here:

  • If you and I both send the same word, how similar are our actual messages?
  • Will the command I use for manifesting work for you?

Short answer: Similar but not identical, and yes. Here are the long answers.

Are Our Messages Similar?

Communication is actually about concepts, not words. You wouldn’t have a problem sending the concept of “computer” to a modern Frenchman, but it would be incredibly difficult to send it to someone from the 1700s.

So, for concrete nouns and verbs, our words are pretty similar. For abstract ideas, they’re less similar — your idea of “fairness” might be slightly different than mine — but close enough to figure out basically what they sent. (Your “fairness” might get translated to “justice” in my head, but we could still have a conversation.) As long as our concepts are close enough that we could talk in person, the communication will basically work.

Where we run into trouble is when one person uses concepts that the other doesn’t know. For example, when I say “ethereal software,” I have a lot of experiences and ideas associated with that concept. For most of you, it’s probably something abstract, something you’ve discussed with me and maybe experienced yourself as a user, but not something you’ve programmed, hacked, built, etc. In other words, our experiences of the concept are pretty far apart. As a result, we might have trouble communicating “ethereal software” to one another.

I run into this all the time when I train with spirits. I’ll ask an expert at energy healing to explain what he’s doing, and he’ll make some distinction I haven’t seen before, and I won’t be able to read his concepts. I can feel the concept he sent, and feel as my mind is unable to grasp it, so I know what’s going on. I’ll ask him to explain it to me in smaller concepts, so I can understand the idea he’s trying to communicate, and build that concept in my mind. Once I understand the concept once, I’ll then be able to receive his message the next time. But I need that explanation. Just like you wouldn’t expect to divine the meaning of an unfamiliar word you saw written down, you need to be walked through the unfamiliar concept before you can understand it.

How does this apply to manifesting? If the ethereal software doesn’t understand something from the modern world, like email or cars, it won’t receive your question properly. At least, that’s what I found.

A few months ago, I was getting terrible manifesting results when asking about car maintenance. It turned out, the ethereal software didn’t understand my concept of “car.” Instead, it was hearing a similar, simpler concept, then answering that question it thought I asked. Not good.

Tip: Whenever you start manifesting about a new topic, verify that you’re getting accurate advice before you rely on the information you get.

I fixed the manifesting results in two ways:

  • Explained my concept of car, both in terms of parts (engine, tires, etc) and function (moves me around), so the ethereal software understood my question.
  • Changed a setting on the ethereal software so that, if it doesn’t understand a concept I send, it will ask me rather than using its best guess. Slightly slower, but I’m getting better results.

So, to answer Amonjin’s question: As long as our concepts are basically the same, our messages should be basically the same. But if one of us has a concept the other doesn’t, or knows that concept much more intimately, we’ll have some extra work to communicate it.

Will My Commands Work For You?

Yes, as long as two things are true:

  • The words make intuitive sense to you. Remember, you’re sending concepts, so you need to understand each word. Just saying a word you don’t understand doesn’t get you anywhere.
  • Your ethereal software is programmed like mine, and you have the same level of permissions with it that I do. This is the sticky wicket.

How similar is your ethereal software to mine? I don’t know. I just haven’t done a broad survey of them. I think most are similar for most situations, but I really don’t know.

But I’d expect something in the ballpark of my command to work for you. It might take a few tweaks to the syntax of the command, but really, making good commands is just a matter of precisely explaining what you want. So even if the exact command doesn’t work, seeing what I do in general should give you an idea of how to precisely phrase your requests.

To make it all work, though, you’ll need to learn how to send messages precisely and unemotionally. That’s coming up.

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