A Simple Manifesting for Selecting Purchases

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Sometimes, I find a simple way to solve a problem. Something you can probably use without a lot of training. Yesterday was one of those days.

I wanted to use manifesting to select which items to order off Amazon. Shelves, dishes, things like that. Sure, I could just read reviews, but (1) I’ll probably get better stuff by adding manifesting, and (2) having a general manifesting technique for selecting from a set of open browser windows is useful. My mentor shared this command:

Guide me to feel good when I consider the items that I should select, and to feel reluctant when I consider other items.

Note: I’d already opened a bunch of tabs in firefox for items that looked appealing.

This morning, I generalized the command to apply for other situations: “Connect to my mind and cause me to feel good when I consider solutions or actions that lead to success, and to feel reluctant when I consider others, and stay connected and continue doing this until I tell you to stop.”

To use this command, you need to already have ethereal software that handles manifesting. You may need the basics of communicating detailed instructions rather than overall intents. (Post on that is in the works.) Also, your ethereal software may want a slightly different phrasing than mine — the only way to know is to try. Still, I thought the command might be useful to you.

One Other Tip

When you ask for training, bring a concrete problem to solve, like “Select the right items from Amazon.” Having a concrete problem helps your teacher understand the nuances of finding a good solution, and helps motivate you to practice. Among other things, that caused us to aim for “the item” among the ones I had already clicked on, rather than “the best in the store.”


Did you try that manifesting? What happened?

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2 Responses to “A Simple Manifesting for Selecting Purchases”

  1. I’ve been using something like this for years, both in terms of having opportunities presented to me, and in terms of finding books and items that most people try hard to find but usually don’t (including a signed copy of one of Wilhelm Reich’s books). I suppose, by your definition, it would be manifestation. It works on the same principles.

  2. This is wonderful, it feels like a kind of spiritual kinesiology. Accordingly, one’s consciousness must be able to “handle” the process, (communicate with the software?) meaning you must be functioning at a high calibration (cf. David Hawkins, et. al.).

    I have used this to manifest reading material that I am meant to select, either for purchase or acquisition. Great fun.

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