Weekly Comments Round-Up (April 23)

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I’m starting a new weekly post: The comments round-up, highlighting some of the best comments from the past week (two weeks this time).

Why? Well, your comments are often better than my original post, and anyone only reading my posts is missing out. Also, there are some great conversations on older posts that are easy to miss, so this should make it easier for you to keep up.

With over 100 comments in the past two weeks, it was really hard to pull out the half-dozen top ones. So many of them made me smile. Sorry if I missed yours, know that it’s nothing personal.

Also, when you read a comment, the person’s name (at the top of the comment) is often a link back to their own blog. If you like the comment, be sure to click their name and check out their other writing.

The Comments

From oldest to most recent:

In a discussion about university-type magickal research, Yvonne told us about her Ph.D. in Religion, how it’s different than Theology, and how there’s no analogous field of research for magick. Scroll down for a great exchange between her, Amonjinn and me.

Ever heard that the unconscious mind works in symbols and metaphors? I believed that for years. But Ananael, who has a degree in psychology, explains that that model comes from Freud, and has been largely debunked by modern science. Totally changed my view on visualizations and rituals.

Another from Ananael, who’s also known as Scott Stenwick, author of Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy, a new book on Enochian magick. He posted a great explanation of his use of symbols within the Enochian system of magick, and why you would bother with symbols even if they don’t have any inherent, metaphor-based meaning. I feel guilty, getting him to post all this great stuff in my comments rather than on his blog, and you can make me feel less guilty by reading it.

Francesca had some great tips on writing a tagline, along with a great example: Dare to disturb the universe.

JP Alcala and I discussed doubt in manifesting. Then he applied some of my techniques to his unconscious-based manifesting, and posted some data. (I love comments with case studies and data.)

Yvonne asked, “What happens if [a magick technique] doesn’t work?” My answer explores testing and debugging. (Scroll up for her full question, and down for another great comment by Ananael on placebo.)

And of course, be sure to read all the comments on Visualization for the Blind and Why Study Ancient Magick, which I linked to in posts last week.

Did I miss your favorite recent comment, or a post replying to something I wrote? Leave a comment linking to it.

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One Response to “Weekly Comments Round-Up (April 23)”

  1. Yoseqlo says:

    I also read that Ananael’ s comment, and in other comment after (in another post) says that exist especific symbols for meaning in the Egriogore’s world, contrary to the first statement for symbols’ arbitrary meaning, there I get lost.

    Why the symbol- meaning, and symbolic inconsciuos mind does different in the so called- Spirit World, or wherever the Egrigore exist? If they have kind of Thinking- Decision Making symbol especific Mind work base why they are different from us?

    If a mind can exist in itself with that symbol style, Why we can do? Its something being studied in the general of the works of meanings to the interactions of the Live’s components in the Biosemiotics. The nature seems to work in a specific meaning interaction based pattern, why the mind can’t?

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