Who is My Book For?

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As I was putting together the outline, I realized I haven’t answered the first question: Who is my book for?

I had a particular organization in mind, where each skill would be useful for a ritual mage or psychic, and it gradually builds up from what you’re doing now to what I want to share with you. It seems like a sensible strategy, but as I think about writing in a more personal voice, it also feels kind of dry, or corporate.

Also, I don’t think I need to encourage people quite that much to try my exercises. Most readers will either already know me from the blog or be getting the book from a friend. In both cases, I need to be interesting, but I have a bit of leeway to get you through a few exercises. So, I think it’s more important to engage my reader as a person, rather than have an immediate payoff in technical magick skill.

Of course, once I figure out my basic plan, I’ll see about adding some immediate payoffs. But that should be a bonus, not the centerpiece.

Potential Audiences

The first thing that comes to mind is to write the book for myself, when I was starting out with magick. What are the things I wish I knew? I’ve tried this before, though, and there are a few problems: I don’t remember that time my life all that clearly (I was 11); I tend to focus too much on technical exercises, and not enough on the reasons behind them; and it might be the wrong tone for adult readers with previous experience in magick.

I could write for Lisa. Really, a lot of my writing is for her already. (Most of the advanced topics.) The first few sections would be for her when I first met her, and the later sections might even be for her now. She did psychic work, and has recently learned ethereal-software-based energy healing, so that might leave ritual mages out in the cold, but it’s a good option.

The other option I see is to write for the readers who give me feedback. (I’ll be blogging each section as I write it.) That way, it’s interactive, and I’m focusing on my most engaged readers. And it would let Ananael (who I’m sure will call me on things I miss) represent the ritual mages.

So, I think that’s the plan: Write for Lisa, plus readers who ask questions and send me feedback. And I’ll put in a thank you page for any readers who help me with this (your name and website, under whatever pseudonym you want).

Thoughts? Comments? It’s never too early to get on the thank you page :)

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