A Reader Hears Voices

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Seth, a new reader, asks:

Lately, about three months or so ago, I woke up to a voice in my head saying “dont worry, adjustments are being made” (i was really upset at that time). Then, I started noticing strong tingling sensations. Whenever my thoughts turn to joyful things, pleasant tingling floods my back. On the other hand, sometimes i feel sort of a hot tingling sensation lightly on the skin. What would you recommend to figure out whats up?

I’m posting this question because it’s fairly far outside of my experience. I have a few ideas for Seth, but I’m hoping you (my readers) will be able to help him, too.

The Voice

I see a few possibilities for the voice:

Message from a spirit: Maybe a spirit (or some ethereal software) sent those exact words to the auditory portions of Seth’s brain. This is my first thought, but I don’t think it’s particularly likely. Why would a spirit send that message? Wouldn’t there be something else more useful, with more details about the adjustments? Also, sending a message in audible words is relatively difficult, unless the receiver is experienced in receiving that type of message, which Seth is not. So, possible, but unlikely.

His unconscious: Maybe the message was Seth’s unconscious reassuring him. He was just waking up, after all, so this could even be a remembered snippet of a dream. The content of the message could be strictly from his unconscious, or it could be an impression that a spirit dropped into his unconscious, filtering up to his awareness through auditory channels. (I don’t know of any way to tell the difference after the fact.) This is my best guess.

Also, whenever I receive an email from someone hearing voices or seeing things, it’s always possible they’re just crazy. But Seth comes off as completely sane — he writes clearly and logically, stays on topic, and seems to be aware that hearing voices is odd. (We’ve exchanged about a dozen emails.) So, I don’t think crazy is a good explanation.

(Seth, sorry if that last paragraph bugged you, but it’s an important discussion to have when we’re trying to figure out what’s going on.)

The Tingling

The tingling sounds like energy. While most people have to consciously work to build energy, some people find that it just happens. For me, when I was first learning energy healing (around 10 years ago), I’d get energy tingles from inspiring movies. What was happening was, my mental muscles were feeling this inspiration in my mind, and weren’t distinguishing between a movie and a visualization.

What this indicates, though, is that some of Seth’s mental muscles are waking up. Which suggests that the message, that “adjustments are being made,” correlated in some way with his mental muscles awakening. Which, again, suggests to me that the message is his unconscious filtering and actual experience. (If those exact words were a message from a spirit, I’d expect something more helpful, along the lines of “the drivers of magick in your mind are coming online.”)

Next Steps

I got the impression from Seth that this was an ongoing thing, although looking back over her correspondence, that may have been mistaken. But, assuming this happens somewhat regularly, here’s how I’d find out more about what’s going on.

First, ask. Think about the voice, and think about sending it a question, like “what is being adjusted?” or “tell me more about the adjustments,” or something along those lines. This will get filtered through Seth’s unconscious, so he should pick a phrase that feels natural to him.

I’d ask for the information to come to me in two ways. First, I’d ask the voice to try and send a message right then. This probably won’t work, though if it does, that means the message is straight from the spirit, rather than getting filtered through his unconscious.

But second, I’d just ask to receive a response when I wake up. That’s how the other messages came to Seth, and other psychics report similar experiences — Lisa receives a lot of her psychic intuitions this way, filtered through our unconscious overnight. So this is how I would expect to get the message, and it would provide further evidence for scenario two (the messages being filtered through Seth’s unconscious).

There is one other possibility: Maybe the spirit is not acting in Seth’s best interests, and is lying to him. But, in my experience, malicious spirits don’t leave messages. If that were the case, I wouldn’t expect to have the auditory message, and I wouldn’t expect to have all the tingling.

Also, if Seth knows an experienced mage, he should get them to connect to him and see what they notice.


One of my favorite things about blogging is tapping into the experience of my readers. What do you think is going on with Seth, and how do you think he should handle it?

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23 Responses to “A Reader Hears Voices”

  1. wsa says:

    There are a lot of questions about Seth and his experience I would need to have answered before I could venture an opinion about what might help and what resources might be needed. Among the first are:

    What is Seth’s age (approx) and other constitutional make up? Male, I assume? What is his day to day food consumption like? No judgment here on the food consumption even if total junk, fast-food; it’s just that different diets and supplement regimes can produce or potentiate different mental and spiritual states. Speaking of supplements, any mind-altering (incl brain-function boosting, or steroids incl prescription) or recreational substances?

    What are his Spiritual Practices if any, including, perhaps especially, physically based ones like Yoga or Qi Gong or hard martial arts?

    What is Seth’s emotional state? Is he worried? If so to what degree (1-10 with 1 being not at all and 10 being 5 alarm+ fire)? To what degree (1-10) does this interfere with his day to day life?

    Do the voices ever say anything besides “adjustments are being made”? If so do the contents of the messages seem negative towards himself or others?

    Because I assume you are not geographically close as you are communicating via email, what kind of support does he have in his physical surrounds and does he deem it adequate?

    I would make a book recommendation also both for you and for him:
    Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis; Grof & Grof (used $2.15 on Amazon with some good reviews)
    (The title is a pun both emergency and to emerge)

    And just one more question for you Mike: I assume from past dealings with you and knowing how conscientious you are, I would assume you have Seth’s permission to post such potentially sensitive info to the public web? This is very important for a couple of reasons. First and foremost for Seth’s privacy and security but second, for your own security. It’s arguable that anyone who purports to aid in healing in any way might be deemed to be subject to the dictates of HIPPA (http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/understanding/summary/index.html)… opinions differ about who is responsible for maintaining another’s privacy in this context in this country (USA). Something of which all healers of any ilk in the US need to be aware and to consider.

    • Yes, I got Seth’s permission, and also made sure he wanted to be identified as “Seth.” Thanks for your input on all those questions.

    • By the way, for other readers: I’m mostly looking for speculation about things for Seth to consider or check out. What might this be? Have you experienced anything like this?

      I don’t think anyone’s expecting a definitive answer. (And even if he answered all of WSA’s questions, we still couldn’t definitively say what was going on.)

  2. Dave Ashmore says:

    When I began having out-of-body experiences- around the age of 19- they would always begin with “tingling” vibrations… & voices were not uncommon; kind of seemed like entities were being drawn to what was going on. I thought I was going nuts until I read Robert Monroe.

    Lots of crazy stuff can happen in that pre/post r.e.m. state… Don’t be afraid, it’s something you can take advantage of. Once you get a handle on what’s generally happening with this “energy” it can be used during waking states.

    Also, those voices are mostly of the trickster variety.


  3. wsa says:

    Seems to me that the one essential question is to tease out first what might be external input and what might be internal input; and to eliminate the most commonly recognized causes of hearing voices. My questions are designed to begin to do that, ie:

    Is he in a time/place where a lot of profound changes are happening at once (ie adolescence, or other such time)?

    Is he ingesting something, purposely or not, that might be causing brain-chemistry changes? And in this camp, there’s uncommon reactions to common substances too, for just two instances, (1) an over abundance of copper in one particularly sensitive to copper, can cause one to hear voices and if untreated to finally respond in ways that mimic insanity. Overabundance of copper can be caused by copper water pipes in the patient’s living place. (2) Hemochromatosis, the hereditary inability to eliminate iron can cause one to hear voices; it’s especially common in males and it can take quite a while to manifest, often the patient is 40-50 before the symptoms set in (treatment could not be easier: give blood frequently, but it must be diagnosed properly.)

    Is he doing an energetic and/or spiritual practice that might be causing brain-chemistry or architecture changes?

    Is he in an environment he considers safe and supportive? Fear and insecurity, (no matter the cause which can run the gamut from “normal” unsettling changes like adolescence to a profoundly abusive living situation) can cause a lot of unwelcome and disruptive cognitive dysfunction.

    If he’s looking for help or reassurance, these are questions that must be investigated and are also points for him to consider first when self-analyzing his situation (you asked for things for Seth to check out, these is them first off, IMHO).

    Every human is an individual and responds in an individual way to stimulus; but there are some commonalities that have been recognized over the years by conventional medicine and by alternative medicine and philosophy. When an individual begins to experience the oddball (“voices” fall into that camp for me; not unheard of, but still not all that common) then it’s reasonable to consider and rule in or rule out the previously recognized causes first. Western medicine has a helpful saying: “When you hear hoof-beats, think horses not zebras.” That’s why you look at the previously recognized first, the most common and the less common. And then, conversely as the great philosopher Sherlock Holmes said “…when you have eliminated the impossible (and I add in here the easiest and commonest possibilities), whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!” (BTW Conon Doyle was an MD and modeled SH after his own teacher Dr. Joseph Bell, MD.)

    Once those common, but perhaps not commonly thought of, external inputs are considered, if they are ruled out, you might be left with the inexplicable:

    I have heard a disembodied voice once in my life. It came from about 8 inches behind my right ear. I was driving up an unfamiliar steep slope in a hurry going much too fast for the situation. The voice loudly exclaimed “***STOP!!!***” unthinking, I slammed on the brakes and fishtailed and skidded to a stop about 3 feet from the edge of a cliff over a river with a very steep long drop where an old bridge was out. Had I not responded instantly to the “auditory hallucination” (from a conventional medicine or psychiatry perspective) I would not be typing these words to you today.

    Who or what that voice was, I don’t know but I will never forget it and I am glad I took it seriously.

    The book I recommended previously is a good place to discover that one is not alone in experiencing the oddball; in fact, the oddball is a lot more common than commonly recognized! But our Western society in particular makes it easy to feel alone, lonely and afraid (thereby exacerbating the situation) when it’s happening to us. It’s also easy to get into a tar-baby situation in our society when one is experiencing the oddball and is therefore unsettled and not thinking as clearly as one otherwise might. So preparing for and considering the ramifications of common courses of action can be useful; that book helps with that aspect of this issue.

    Best to Seth, may he feel supported and his mind/heart eased.

    • That’s neat about the STOP message. I’ve heard similar things from other psychics — that they get auditory messages when something really urgent and dangerous happens. Very cool.

      And thanks for sharing about the foods, and everything else. I’m sure some of that will be useful to Seth.

    • Seth Burleigh says:

      Thank you! I feel better :) the copper thing was interesting

      • wsa says:

        Mike, Seth and everyone else, please remember that the foods, practices and other intakes and also the two examples (overabundance of copper, when one is sensitive to copper or Hemachromatosis) I gave of UNcommon reactions to common substances are just a FEW of the NUMEROUS examples of inputs and reactions that could cause someone to hear voices (or have other unusual cognitive responses)…. or, if you like, to become sensitive enough to hear the Spirits around them…. or… or… or… it’s just that unless you have really considered some of the more unusual aids or causes, you can often fall into the trap of, on one hand, thinking you are crazy or in the other extreme discounting and ignoring the first symptom of something serious.

        My purpose of placing this comment is to be very sure that no-one limits their exploration to just the few examples I have given… the Universe is vast, and individual reactions are just that: individual. It helps to find a guide that is versed in recognizing horses and also hunting for zebras.

  4. Evan says:

    First time i heard a voice was in a similar situation except i saw a little gray box in my minds and thought whats that and tried imagining it opening i immediately heard the distinctive noise of a door or window creaking open. and the voice guttural stereotypical demonic sounding voice and it was completely unintelligible something like GLDLBLDGL similar the second time my guess is that that was it’s native tongue. After that whenever i was playing video games or at the computer I would feel a presence standing right behind me it just felt alien like it’s though patterns were fundamentally different from humans. It slowly started speaking english and i am digressing from the point. I’d suggest he keep an eye out for dreams that just feel different after that i had several such dreams which felt like something was attempting to communicate and in one such dream i saw a creature who looked somewhat like a pig. Later I ended up speaking to someone who had significantly more experience and was able see spirits clearly and what she said was that it looked something like a hideous alien pig with fluid gushing out and the reason it was following me around was that it found my computer and video games fascinating i hadn’t offered up either of those pieces of information. And out of curiosity was he feeling down or depressed during this time period? If so it could be a spirit that simply has taken a shine to him and wants him to be happy. I know that my spirit friends Fay and Vivianne often try and cheer me up when I’m feeling down.

    • Thanks Evan. One thing to keep in mind when you share experiences like this: Try to distinguish between things you see in your imagination and things you see as if they’re really there. Using terms like “I saw a vision of this spirit” can help everyone know that you know what’s really happening. Also, since the visions you get are either your mind’s interpretation of the spirit’s energy signature, or an image the spirit chooses to project into your thoughts, realize that there’s not a tremendous amount of meaning in how the spirit looks to you. But thanks for sharing that, I’m sure it makes others on here feel less alone in their experiences.

      • Evan says:

        In response to people feeling alone. I actually have some interesting experience. Over the past couple year or so i’ve found that about 8 people i know are spiritually inclined being able to sense exactly what i sense and describing it in details that are to close to my descriptions to ignore. Even more if you count the 4 people i knew before i opened up or at least knew what to look for. Which leads me to three possible conclusions.
        A. I just got lucky
        B.Like attracts like or spiritually open people are naturally drawn to one another
        C. Perhaps more people are open than we realize they just don’t talk about it or don’t realize it
        worth pondering at least

        • That’s very cool. Thanks for following up. Sharing things like that — your reasons for believing in your experiences — is exactly the kind of thing that will help people take your experiences seriously. Thanks.

          • Ona says:

            It’s funny how alone and weird these experiences can make us feel. For many people in the world (outside of secular western culture), having a meaningful dream, getting divination, making offerings to the ancestors, or having a communication from a spirit are just accepted parts of human experience. What I’ve found is that many people in our modern secular western culture also have these experiences, but there’s this public agreement that it’s crazy and weird, so no one talks about it or people feel ashamed and alienated by it. But I’ve run into person after person who once they realize I’m not going to call them crazy admits to all kinds of spiritual or mystical experiences… and these are conversations I’ve had with very “normal” or even “square” people – businessmen, college educated professionals, down-home working men, suburban housewives, etc. Often they say they’ve never told anyone before, because they were afraid people would think they were nuts…

  5. Ona says:

    Hey Mike – as long as the person is not depressed, suicidal, or otherwise prone to self-harm or harming others (in which case I always recommend they go to an emergency room immediately and deal with the medical/mental health system before trying to do anything else), I think most of what you said is pretty much in line with what I would say.

    The voice can be a spirit, the unconscious mind, an angel, or whatever you prefer to conceive of it as. The person’s religious background, culture and interests will help determine how they prefer to interpret it. As long as it is not saying anything harmful, it can be trusted as “inner guidance” or “outer guidance.”

    The energetic sensations are just that – awakening kundalini, some call it.

    If the person is not already involved in some kind of practice such as qi gong, yoga, meditation or similar where they are in touch with a teacher and group who can guide them, they may wish to read some books such as people above suggested. Energetic awakening can happen spontaneously, and is in general a wonderful thing. It can get tumultuous and uncomfortable sometimes. If the person is not emotionally mature or fairly stable, then it would be better if they started some kind of yoga or qi gong type practice under the supervision of a teacher, who can help them learn to adjust the energy and will be familiar with the process.

    If the person is fairly mature, confident and stable, they can probably just enjoy the adventure on their own, with occasional input from forums, books, etc.

    • Thanks Ona. It’s nice to have confirmation on what I think is going on.

      Seth, Ona has a lot of experience working within a Christian saints-based paradigm. If that’s a comfortable way for you to explore this, do reach out to her.

  6. f3n1x_hvn732 says:

    Probably is his own unconscious. But it can be interesting to know how familiarized is Seth with practicing magick or energy control. Have you heard of your Spirit Guide or Holy Guardian Angel? Is interesting how familiar with the voice a lot of practitioners have, (Jung also had it, its name was Philemon). I personally didn’t had that experience, but much people I know had.

    • Seth says:

      I have, I still wonder how one can tell the difference between guides and the unconscious

      • f3n1x_hvn732 says:

        Well Jung thought that the guides are parts of your own unconscious. I think with some guides is that. When the Guide knows things of the future or that you simply don’t know (or have a way to know) then is possible that is a Spirit. That is only my guess though.

  7. wsa says:

    I swore I was done commenting on this thread, but Ona’s post reminded me of another book to recommend. It’s the story of one person’s fairly difficult but very funny kundalini awakening (despite the title.)

    Path Notes of an American Ninja Master, Glenn Morris, PhD

    BTW I knew Glenn personally and can verify that of all the things recounted in his books, of all I know of my own knowledge, they are accurate. There’s a lot I cannot verify, of course, but I highly recommend the book. It’s got a lot to say about Seth’s issue and it’s hilarious (at least to me and those to whom I have given it.) Besides, I find that humor eases most concerns, dispels anxiety and fear, tonifies the immune system, relieves depression and eases the heart.

  8. Seth says:

    Thank you guys! I appreciate it, its nice to know its not totally weird. I believe the reason is because i had some very negative beliefs inserted at a young age (i was very sensitive, nothing to do with family! i also have quite an imagination haha) and now im trying to rid the beliefs and purify the energy(age 20, almost 21).

    Thank you was i will check that book out! I think its relevant.

    + Im currently at home with my family, and eat farely healthy food, like fish oranges ham.
    + no mind altering substances, or recreational
    + emotional state is probably in a turmoil (subconsciously) thought its getting better
    + The hot tingling does worry me from time to time: ive had a pressure around my head but this has disappeared, as i eliminate ‘fear’
    + the voices do say things other than this and i wonder what the difference between ones imagination and actual communication is. The voices arent malevolent, though sometimes my imagination does make them so

  9. Seth Burleigh says:

    Im extremely confused at this moment. I swear i was just in a dream in which you guys responded. and then i posted some responses. and now theyre gone. where do people go when they dream?

    • Hi Seth, your comments were awaiting approval. I have to click an “approve” button before a comment goes live. (I do this to keep conversations on track; everyone gets moderated, and almost everything gets approved.) Normally, you’d see your comments with a “pending” tag, but if you have cookies disabled in your browser, then it won’t remember you and won’t show you the pending comment. Everything is approved now, it should all be up. Enjoy.

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