Connecting to the Enochian Ethereal Software

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We’ve been talking about how ethereal software connects to mages, and I want to give you a concrete example. So, today, I’m going to contact the Enochian ethereal software, read its instructions and talk to the spirits that run it, and write down each step.

In the past, I’ve glossed over the advanced parts of my magick, trying to make it into something novices could do. I’m realizing that doesn’t work, and only gets readers confused. So I’m going to tell you the whole procedure I use, even though you probably won’t be able to do some of it yourself yet. But by the time you’re done with my book (which is finally underway), you should be able to do most of this, too.

Step 1: Wikipedia

I go to the Wikipedia page on Enochian and pick a letter. For today’s session, I’ll use Un.

Step 2: Contact the Lookup Software

This is the step I’ve glossed over in the past. I do it almost without thinking, but as I think about teaching you to do this, it really is non-trivial.

First, the concept: There are some pieces of ethereal software that work behind the scenes, making everything else work. You can think of it as the operating system, which is itself software, but a different kind of software than what you’d use.

This particular ethereal OS software connects mages to other ethereal software based on the desired software’s signature, ritual, symbol, or other identifying features. I call it the “software-lookup software.”

I initially developed this model by asking, “How does ethereal software connect to me when I focus on a symbol?” The answer seemed rather suspicious to me: Really, you’re answering a problem with ethereal software by using more ethereal software? But I looked for it, and I found it, and that’s what counts. At this point, I routinely interact with the software-lookup software, so I’m quite confident in this part of the model.

When I first found the software-lookup software, I was watching how I connected to other ethereal software, and tracing those connections. Like most other things I talked about, that requires good sensory connections, so I can’t talk you through it yet. But soon, we’ll have a common language around sensing these things.

Anyway, for step 2, I connect to the software-lookup software. At this point, I simply know its signature, so this happens more or less unconsciously when I think about finding some software based on a symbol.

Step 3: Focus on the Enochian Letter

Now, I just focus on the letter (looking at Wikipedia), and send it to the software-lookup software in the same way you would send a question to any psychic ethereal software. The software-lookup software connects another piece of ethereal software to me, then disconnects itself. I’m calling that other piece of ethereal software the “Enochian ethereal software.”

I also verified that other letters connect me to the same ethereal software. Nice confirmation that I’m getting something associated with the overall style.

Step 4: Read the Instructions

Whadda you know, a man who reads the instructions…

Whenever I work with new ethereal software, I start by asking for the “full instructions.” This gives me:

Software for contacting angels. Most angels speak indirectly, using the software as an interface. A few will contact you directly. Also has lookups for a variety of other spirits, including demons.

To use it, request the spirit based on its sigil. Alternately, request it based on its name. Alternately, request a “list of available angels” or “list of available spirits,” then select one from the list based on its signature.

A few notes on that:

  • These instructions are generally written by the spirits who made the software. Most ethereal software responds to “Requesting full usage instructions.”
  • I chose the term “angel” because I know what Enochian is about. The software communicates concepts, not words. But the concept had a connotation of “skilled and benevolent,” which the general concept of “spirit” wouldn’t have.
  • Same deal with “demon.” I initially wrote it as “goetia,” because I associate the two styles somehow. (This is probably incorrect, but I learned about them at the same time, so they are linked in my mind.) Anyone with experience in Enochian can shed light on the demons and other spirits?

There are other instructions I could ask for, but I don’t plan to use this software all that much, so that’s enough for now. Next, I ask it to “Connect me to the spirits that made or run the software.” I explain to them that I know other people who use this software and want to explore what they do, ask permission to poke around, and ask their advice on which angels to contact. (I do this using a fairly advanced communication technique, which shows that I know what I’m doing and usually produces good responses from spirits.) Their reply:

Yes, please do. I would recommend you contact any angel you like, they will all respond well to you. Just use the list of available angels. Feel free to check in with us if you have any other questions.

I thank them for being so generous and welcoming, and say that I’ll call back tomorrow after talking with my friends about which angel to contact. Also, I want a break after writing all this. So, tomorrow, I’ll contact an Enochian angel with direct magick. Any recommendations on who to contact, or what to talk about?

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  1. For anyone wondering why I’m not talking about the LBRP: I don’t really know that ritual, so me doing it wouldn’t be that useful. Ideally, I’ll be able to connect to someone experienced doing it, either locally in San Francisco, or by a connection to a photo. Anyone want to help?

    Also, I need to figure out how to explain the software-lookup software before I write that section of the book, and writing this post was a nice way to do that.

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