How I Developed a Still Mind in an Afternoon

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I want to share a technique I just learned: How to develop a still mind in a few hours.

Like most techniques I learn these days, it’s fairly advanced direct magick. You won’t go from no magick to still mind in a day. But I want to show you what I’m working on, and it might help give you some ideas for new techniques for yourself.

I learned this technique to make my magickal senses more accurate, so I could look around without letting my expectations muddy what I’m seeing. But it seems broadly applicable to quieting any part of the mind.

Here’s the technique:

First, find the areas of the mind you want to make still. I went to the mental muscles that handle sensory connections and asked for their connections to my thinking mind. I think that meditaters want to make their conscious mind still, so if I were trying for that, I’d just make connections throughout my conscious mind.

Mental muscles are part of me, so when I say that they showed me, I’m speaking metaphorically, in the same way you might say that your unconscious sent you a message in a dream. “Thinking mind” denotes the part of your mind used for thinking, as opposed to the part of your mind used for moving magickal energies and forms.

Then, I engaged the mental muscles for working with the mind (they’re near the mental muscles for energy healing), showed them the connections I just made to thinking mind, and had the mental muscles hold those areas of thinking mind in a quiet state. At this point, my mental muscles simply know how to “hold these areas in a quiet state,” like how a ballerina might simply know how to do a pirouette without really thinking about each movement individually. As a result, I can simply focus on my intent, and the magick works. But it only works because I’ve already practiced setting a new signature into an area 100 times or so. The technique is a combination of calming someone with energy, and setting the signature into the deeper layers I discuss here.

Like I said, this is an advanced technique. You can’t create a still mind in a day without first learning advanced magick for several years. It’s an alternate route, not a shortcut. Sorry.

Then, I practiced my mental posture while holding my mind in that quiet state. I did this 4 times:

  • First session, I just got used to the feel of a still mind.
  • Second session, I adjusted the surrounding areas of thinking mind, so they felt natural and in alignment with the areas I’d quieted.
  • Third session, I got into that good mental posture, then stopped using my mental muscles to hold it, and just kept my mind in that state for a minute.
  • Fourth session, I got into that state without using my mental muscles (though I did use my mental muscles to watch and see which areas of thinking mind I’d missed).

Each session was a few minutes of work, then an hour of rest, doing non-magickal tasks. I did it yesterday afternoon. By the end of it, the still mind mental posture was coming pretty easily. And today, I’m going to practice that posture while I look around the magickal forms of my mind and body.

How useful is this technique if you can’t use mental muscles to quiet areas of thinking mind? Not very. But hopefully you enjoyed seeing what I’m working on these days, and maybe it’ll give you some ideas for new techniques for yourself, too.

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