More Questions for the Enochian Angels

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Today, I’ll call the Enochian angels again to ask a few questions suggested by commenters, plus a few others I thought of over the weekend. (Links to parts 1 and 2.)

Does 1 Spirit = 1 Angel?

There are two ways I could see Enochian working. The simplest is that each spirit gave themselves an angelic name and sigil, and when you ask for an angel, you get that spirit. That’s probably how most mages would assume it works.

But I don’t think it actually works that way. For one, the answers I got last time suggest that the particular spirits running the show changes over time. (Remember how they have some spirits learning the ropes?) Also, it doesn’t scale well — what if 1,000 people all call at the same time asking for the same angel?

What I’ve seen it done before, when I did a little work with the group doing voodoo, was that the named entities — the voodoo gods, the Enochian angels, etc — were like costumes for the actual spirits. The ethereal software would project the image and voice of the angel, but any of the actual spirits running the show could be behind that projection, selecting the actual words it said. Like the wizard of oz, but each spirit capable of controlling any projection they want.

So, that’s my first question for the angels. I ask the ethereal software for a historian-type angel, who explains: A little of both. Different spirits are skilled with different angels. So, you wouldn’t get a particular named spirit when you get the particular angel, but you would get one who’s been trained and is particularly qualified for that set of skills. This is similar to how other groups you work with would let you request an expert in communication, or shielding, or some other skill.

How Do You Impress People?

Me: Do you do things specifically to inspire awe or impress people? Tell me about those techniques.

Enochian spirit: Of course we do. Wouldn’t you?

Specifically, we use an energy for the communication that inspires awe in most humans. The visions are also designed to inspire awe. And the overall complexity of the sigils and everything else associated with the traditional way to do Enochian magick adds to the feeling that you’re doing something pretty freaking awesome and should be awed by it.

(He also shows me some about the signature for awe, and the parts of the mind that energy interacts with, but I can’t explain that very well in writing.)

How Did Enochian Get Started?

Me: What’s your history? How did the group of spirits form? How did you decide to use sigils, rather than the style of communication most spirits use?

Enochian spirit: We formed not long before making the sigils. We actually all formed around the idea of using the sigils to communicate with humans. The goal was to make a style that would be easy for humans to communicate on paper, so that we could wind up working with a lot of different humans in a lot of different areas. And honestly, it’s worked pretty darn well.

What Can You Help Me With?

Me: What sorts of things can you help me with more effectively the spirits I already know? Any thoughts on what to work on?

He hands me off to a different Enochian spirit who specializes in training: I wouldn’t imagine there’s anything we can help you with more effectively than the spirits you already train with. But thank you for asking. I would stick with them, unless there’s something in particular that we have experienced, like designing sigils or inspiring awe with visions. Those things, actually, we may know better than them. But in terms of your normal training, stick with them.

Me: Any thoughts on the book?

Another Enochian spirit, presumably an expert at manifesting*: You should go ahead with the plan you currently laid out. Do the training** with your readers, too — that’s an excellent way to make money and get the teaching experience you’ll need for later***. Basically, follow the path that your spirit teachers have laid out, and that you’ve thought through yourself, and this will go well. Trust yourself on this one. Sorry I couldn’t be any more help, but it seems like you’ve already got all the manifesting you need.

*Why do I think he’s an expert in manifesting? Well, it would make sense for the question I asked, and there’s a 30-second delay after I ask the question until he answers, which suggests he’s consulting some external source of information, which is almost always manifesting.

**I’ll tell you about this soon when I write up the business plan. Basically, 1-on-1 phone consultations where I connect to you remotely, plus possibly a group class if I get enough interest.

***It’s fairly common for spirits doing manifesting to allude to “You’ll need this to do something important later,” without telling you what the important thing you’ll do later actually is. I’ve gotten used to it by now.

Me: Should I post these conversations I just had with you guys?

Same guy as last question: Yes. It will be excellent for your readers to be able to see how your style is concretely different than theirs. Not just in accomplishing the same things differently, but in the very different way you interact with us, the questions that you ask that would never have occurred to them, and a few other things like that. Post it, including this answer.

How the Spirits Feel

A couple of closing thoughts. Yvonne had asked:

[Can you] say more about how different angelic signatures “feel” or “sense” in contrast with each other. After all, not knowing much about this system, does it seem different from any of the other styles that you are familiar with? Are these essentially different spirit “flavors”?

They feel like any other spirits I’ve worked with. Nice, friendly, knowledgeable and polite, but basically like the other folks I know. Calling them “angels” is excellent marketing, but not much more.

If you haven’t worked with many spirits, think of it this way: If I asked you how people in France look, you’d say that they look just like anyone else. So, each spirit has their own signature, like each person has their own face, but there’s nothing particularly peculiar about the Enochian spirits.

By the way, I call them “spirits” in this post because I’m working with the spirit behind the magick, rather than the angelic projection of the ethereal software. But I was talking with the spirits who act as angels, rather than the newer angels-in-training that are specifically called “spirits” in the instructions from part 1.

She also asked:

What does it “feel” like to get direct magick teachings from the numerous interested multidimensional entities?

I’m pretty used to it by now. I’ve trained with spirits at or above this level several times a month for the past 10 years, and almost daily for the past 2-3 years. My main tip is to ask specific questions, because there’s so much they could tell you, so you need to guide them to the right topics.

It doesn’t feel particularly different than a conversation with any other reasonably skilled spirit. Better spirits have more precise communication, more precise connections when they demonstrate things, and explain some topics differently, but it doesn’t make for an entirely new experience.

Is this something you’re interested in, that I should write more about?

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6 Responses to “More Questions for the Enochian Angels”

  1. Yvonne says:

    Thanks Mike. There is soooo much to address in this post, and I have to come back to it later. Thank you for answering my questions. I think, yeah, this is the kind of thing that I would like to read more about. I am not sure about your other more practical minded readers: “fine fine fine, but can you please tell me how to manifest some coin?!

    The first thing I wanted to note is that it is challenging for me to follow your reading on a mental and a spiritual level, because you are writing about things that occur multidimensionally and outside of the realm of ordinary perception. I know you have trained yourself to do this. Of course we don’t use our ordinary senses when we “talk” to angels and spirits, so when I ask how something “feels” I am asking about a non-sensory effect. What I was getting at in my question is something you answered partially: if the angel is the “costume” or the mask for the spirit, I would think that an angel that is wearing the “costume” of a warrior would feel differently from one who wears the costume of a priest or a fertility god. That is what I was getting at. It is my understanding, confirmed by you, that the spirits themselves “feel” and “look” like any other energetic being, it is the angels that take the forms. It is also my belief that all of us spirits exist as various kinds of “light” – again, not “light” as we understand it and see it. Ethereal light?

    Therefore, all spirits, including us, should “feel” the same.

    Finally, I found it curious that these spirits said that they created the mechanism of awe through energetic means (i.e. the signature of awe) since I always thought that “awe” was a byproduct of experiencing these other beings through a physical body. In other words, I assume that “awe” was a natural response of the human body, not something artificially imposed by something outside of the body. Am I picking too deep here? I mean, why would an angel “need” to impress? After all, we humans are the ones who recapitulate creation, WE are the impressive ones; it sounds like so much drama to me, but maybe I do not understand.

    Thanks again, Mike. I know you will be inspired to write LOTS more…

    • Thanks Yvonne, your questions make more sense now.

      On how the spirits feel:

      When you’re talking with the actual spirit, you feel their connection to your mind, which feels like a very weak energy. Why weak? Because their connections are gentle and set to match your mind’s signature, so they only shift your signature slightly, meaning you don’t feel much. Then their messages drop into your thoughts, again with a slightly different signature, which for me gives the spirit’s messages a slightly different voice than my own thoughts, like I’m hearing their voice in my head. In all, it’s cool, but not awe-inspiring.

      (If you realize what’s going on, it can be awe-inspiring, but it doesn’t have an immediate, visceral feeling of awe before you realize what’s going on.)

      In contrast, the angelic projection adds some awe-inspiring parts:

      -An image, like that tall man in white robes, or the multi-armed, multi-sworded angel from the first day.

      -An energy that, when applied to the human mind, activates the right parts of the mind to inspire awe. In other words, you get a human into a naturally-awed state, you see the signature of each part of their mind, then you can make an energy that nudges the relevant areas of our mind into the same awed state.

      These things would inspire an immediate, visceral awe, even if you didn’t know what was going on. Or even if you realized that the vision was probably a projection — I felt the awe from their energy on the first day. That’s what they mean when they say that they intentionally designed the style to inspire awe.

      It’s the difference between talking to a genius who just comes off like a normal, intelligent guy, vs going to a great speaker who, even if they’re not as smart, has learned to use movement and rhythm and emotion to inspire and awe an audience.

      Does that help?

  2. Yvonne says:

    Oh yes, you don’t know how clear that makes it for me. I am simply excited because you are the only person who is able to talk to me about this stuff in an analytical and dispassionate way, and not from a “OMG this is so powerful and I did that and look I can’t believe it!!” kind of way. I mean, that part of the story is in there, which is necessary, but you are really about analyzing the process. This is extremely helpful, and you are not arrogant about what you actually know.

    “It’s the difference between talking to a genius who just comes off like a normal, intelligent guy, vs going to a great speaker who, even if they’re not as smart, has learned to use movement and rhythm and emotion to inspire and awe an audience.”
    Or an asshole who also happens to know a lot and wants to show off because it inspires awe.

    …and that, my friend is the difference between your blog and some of the other writing that I have seen out there. Thank you.

  3. El shieko says:

    Hi mike, this is absolutely fascinating. Especially since enochian has become somewhat of an urban legend associated with all type of psychological horror, where as you present the system as some sort of metaphysical call center in another dimension perhaps an astral India or Phillipines, lol. Seemingly demystified and stripped down to a technology. So my question is, have you continued with this group since? Is there any other advice they have given, was it all a trap? A Trojan horse into your mind, or are they really just a bunch of bored spirits looking to chat it up with us feeble little human beings?

    In my qaballah days i felt very much the same thing occured, a kind of software was setup in my brain, think of hindu nadi points, it was very noticeable process, physically noticeable, and after that initial ‘initiation’ it was quite easy to tune into the kabbalistic software. Yet interestingly enough in the plethora of material out there on qabalah I never saw this process discussed or even mentioned. Anyhow, i digress….Thanks and once again, fascinating stuff! Here’s to hoping you reply. Cheers from the foggy Pacific coast!

    • Thanks! I’m excited this post resonated so strongly with you. Yes, call center is the right model, not just for Enochian but for a lot of the ethereal software that connects people to spirits.

      Good questions. It wasn’t a trap or a trojan, and I don’t think they’re just bored. I think they see potential in humans, and that they learn by teaching, and so they want to help. I haven’t done anything else with them, though — I have a full plate in terms of training with spirits already.

      And that’s interesting about the kabbalistic software. Thanks for taking the time to write, and cheers from sunny San Francisco.

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