Renaming Signature: Wrap-Up

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The renaming is done. Here’s what we have:

  • “Energy” stays “energy.” I’ll still discuss scoping (magick::energy vs physics::energy) in the intro.
  • “Structure” is now “form.” I’ll talk about a “mental form” for a form that interacts with someone’s mind, “physical form” for a form that interacts with someone’s body, and so on. Or, to speak generically about all forms, I’ll say, “solid form.”
  • “Signature” is now “fractal signature,” or just “fractal.” So you can say that, in order for energy to interact with a form, the energy’s fractal has to match the form’s fractal, not at the large-scale shape, but at the small-scale building blocks.

I’m pretty happy with the names. Fractal matches the sciencey theme I have going (which will influence first impressions, hopefully attracting the right people). And you saw how excited Kol got about the term — and he’s one of the folks who thought I was wasting my time with the renaming. (Seeing that excitement made my day, by the way.)

Thanks for all your suggestions, everyone. Once again, I feel blessed to have you as readers. I didn’t explicitly write about most of your suggestions, but each one helped spark ideas that ultimately lead to the final terms.

I’ve also updated my glossary, if you need a refresher on any of my terms.

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